10 SEO Techniques to Improve Your Results Right Away

Actionable search strategies that will get more potential buyers into your showroom

One of the biggest roadblocks many dealerships experience with search engine optimization (SEO) is not understanding how to implement it. There is much jargon that comes along with dealership SEO, which can be new and confusing to someone just dipping their toes in the pool. Sometimes, all you want is a list of SEO techniques that you can implement immediately. Here at last is that list.

1. Update old blog posts for SEO. If your dealership’s website has a long-running blog, it’s time to take a look at it to determine if you have older posts that could be updated to include keywords, as well as with new information that will better suit your dealership’s customers.

2. Curate content for your readers. This doesn’t mean that you should steal content from other blogs or news outlets—it simply means that you should curate it. This is especially true when it comes to news from your brand. Don’t be afraid to share a link on your blog and on your social media pages.

3. Add links to other websites. If you have already-written content, you can make that content even more beneficial by adding links to it. Only do this, however, if you believe that the links will actually benefit the reader and that the content on the website you are linking to is actually relevant. Search engines care about these two criteria when evaluating the links you use in your SEO efforts.

4. Start using the word because. Do this in your blog posts, on your website, and anywhere else where you are trying to offer value in written form to your customers. Why bother? This word can be used to signal the reason for or value of what you are saying, so it’s an important trigger word. Using the word because gives your request—your call to action—weight.

5. Write better YouTube video descriptions. There are lots of ways that your dealership could be using YouTube to improve traffic to your website. You could post YouTube videos of the cars on your lot, give short-and-sweet maintenance tips, or even just introduce your staff and salespeople. When posting these videos, be sure to include a great description. These should essentially be miniature blog posts, more than 200 words apiece.

6. Use long-tail keywords in your title tags. These are the keywords that most people are going to be searching for. Use them in your title tag. They have the benefit of being more naturally phrased than most other keywords, and are capable of bringing you a massive amount of traffic. If you have any leftover long-tail keywords that you couldn’t find another use for, here is the place.

7. Use Wikipedia to find blog topics and keywords. Lots of people will tell you to use the Google Keyword Planner to come up with new keywords. If you’ve been using it, you probably know how horrible it is at coming up with useful new keywords. Instead, scan relevant Wikipedia articles for possible blog topics and keyword ideas.

8. Publish longer content. Google prefers longer content. Why? Because it is more likely to contain useful information that your readers will find valuable. Shorter posts usually don’t have enough words to thoroughly cover a topic. That doesn’t mean that you should stretch a thin topic with a lot of filler, however.

9. Look for expert list posts. If someone has posted an article about the best dealerships in your area, don’t be afraid to contact that person and ask if your dealership can be included. This is a great way to get a high-quality backlink.

10. Reach out to an expert. If you haven’t yet consulted with an expert, now is the time to do it. SEO can be a time-consuming and complex strategy, and while it is important, you might not have the time you need to fully dedicate to it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

By using these 10 actionable dealership SEO techniques, you’ll get more potential buyers onto your showroom floor.

Adam Roseland is the founder of 814 Interactive, a leading digital marketing firm that specializes in automotive SEO. Adam has been working in the advertising industry for the past 10+ years, primarily in the digital space helping local dealers get more ups.

Adam Roseland


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