10 Strategies for Online Dealership Marketing with a Small Budget

Online marketing is a brilliant way to market your auto shop and create a niche for your retailing business. And since the online world is constantly changing colour, it has become extremely important for you to stay updated with recent industry developments and stay connected with your consumers via different communication channels. This will not only ensure the effectiveness with which you do your business but also help you stay one step ahead of your competition at all times.

According to a 2013 research study conducted by Auto Trader, the internet is the single largest resource for purchasing new or used vehicles. The study showed that the end consumers spent ten to twelve hours on an average surfing through online sources.

Hence, to keep both existing and prospective consumers engaged, and leverage various online modes to display your business offering, here are some cost-effective ways that you can consider while marketing for your online automotive dealership.

1. Engage With Online Leads

To attract online visitors, have calls to action and subscription forms placed on your social media pages like Facebook and Twitter. Calls to action will enable your consumers to download marketing materials like e-guides and automobile brochures. Subscription forms will keep them updated with the most recent automotive news via email newsletters and text messages.

2. Offer Relevant Resources

Provide your consumers with the most relevant and authentic marketing resources that will keep them engrossed and interested. The various resources may include educational emails, SMS coupons, auto repair and maintenance tips, industry news, and so on. Doing so will increase your chances of strengthening your hold on automotive marketing.

3. Maintain Your Social Media Pages

Instead of creating an online presence on multiple social networks, focus on doling out relevant and quality content on a couple of most famous websites like Facebook and Twitter. Try to remove stagnancy from your social media pages as this will project a negative image about your business to your consumers. Find a marketing solution, such as automated update tool, that can help you keep your pages fresh with latest posts, tweets, etc.

4. Be Prompt While Addressing Online Feedback

Stay committed towards responding back to consumer feedback. Handle every query, complaint and compliment with utmost dignity and professionalism. Never ever be impolite or curt towards your consumers as this can severely damage your auto shop’s image and reputation, thereby lessening your brand value in the market.

5. Use Surveys To Collect Feedback

Online marketing efforts must be complemented with consumer feedback to keep an eye on your successes and failures. Consumer feedback is as valuable as it can get. It will help you analyze your strengths and weaknesses with respect to any campaigns, promotional offers, and/or online deals that you run. Online surveys are easy to conduct and very useful in learning about your consumers’ thoughts, opinions, preferences and dislikes. Again, an automated survey tool can go a long way in minimizing the effort of distributing and collating information.

6. Engage With Your Consumers Online

Interacting with your consumers online, via Facebook and Twitter, is a great way to have the channels of communication always open. It’s undoubtedly one of the best exercises of building trust and relationship. Posting questions, starting a conversation using hash tags and displaying infographics can help consumers participate in online discussions. This can also help you gain useful publicity for your dealership business.

7. Conduct Marketing Promotions

If you wish to attract and interest your consumers, one effective way of doing so is through special marketing offers and promotions. Promoting your offers, contests and car sales has also become much easier than before as you can easily showcase these on your website and social media pages.

8. Get Referred

Word-of-mouth marketing can go a long way in creating awareness about your business. Not many people know a lot about cars and often get duped on sales, repairs and maintenance. These curious consumers need someone to place their faith in and it could be you. Leverage consumer testimonials in your newsletters and other marketing communications as much as you can. You can also consider running a reward program for your loyal customers who get you quality referrals.

9. Get Recognized

Use the mediums of public and self-publishing platforms to your advantage and get noticed amongst the online masses. Blogs, email newsletters, and paid press releases are an excellent way to deepen existing brand associations and develop new ones with prospective consumers.

10. Create Marketing Videos

Postinginformative videos on social media platforms and your website can generate a lot of positive buzz about your online business. You can use videos to advertise latest launches and new sales, or you can give out useful tips to people who need information that they could really use.

Integrating all these marketing strategies can help you stick to your small budget and make the most of your efforts. Enable social plug-ins to allow your consumers to easily share your content across social networks. And every time you hit “enter” on a marketing message, remember to integrate it with your other marketing efforts.

Bunny Punia was born and raised in Delhi. Bunny’s passion for automobiles accelerated during his 6 year stay at Pune in 2005. During these years, he explored and indulged himself into the thick-and-thin of the Indian automobile industry, working with magazines like Car India and Bike India. After returning to Delhi in 2010, he was responsible for transforming the visage of Dreamcarz magazine. In 2011 he stepped in the world of Digital media and has been the head of content at Gaadi.com, a leading automobile classifieds company.

Bunny Punia


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