2014 Technology Leadership Awards Rules

2014 Technology Leadership Awards Rules

Dealer Marketing Magazine and DealerMarketing.com maintains and enforces a strict set of rules to ensure dealerships have accurate, honest and up to the moment information.

Nomination Rules:

Nominations are open to all members of the automotive industry including auto dealers, vendors, auto manufacturers, and consumers.

Each vendor nominated for a category must provide the following information to complete their nomination:

  • Company Name
  • Technology Name
  • What Makes Your Special/Unique?
  • Is this Technology stand-alone or only a part of a bundle package?
  • Share data proving that your technology has benefited a dealership (with sample size)
  • Provide screenshot(s) of the technology functioning and live

All information provided above will be reviewed and decisions supervised by Joe Webb, his company DealerKnows, and his selected dealer panel. The winners will be selected based on specific criteria as outlined below.

Nomination Safeguards

Dealer Marketing Magazine will protect the identity of each automotive industry representative who leaves a vendor nomination. In order to ensure legitimacy, Dealer Marketing still requires a valid name and contact information for each nominator so that each submission can be validated.

How Vendor Technology will be Judged

In each product category that a vendor is nominated, the expert panel of dealership executives will evaluate and rank each vendor technology based on a scoring Algorithm. The algorithm will be a calculation based on the following scoring criteria provided to each judge numbering from one to 10. One will relate to the lowest rating and ten will correspond to the highest or best rating.

Criteria for Judging:

1. Novelty 2. Solves a Problem 3. Usability 4. Value

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