2015 Technology Leadership Award Winner:

Helping Dealers Achieve Unmatched Results is Our Passion

With more than 1,500 direct employees nationwide, ELEAD1ONE is the trusted partner to the most passionate leaders in our industry. In fact, six of the top 10 dealer groups use ELEAD1ONE to streamline their day-to-day operations and achieve higher sales, profits, and market share.

Considered the most intelligent and intuitive dealership software available in today’s automotive market, ELEAD1ONE helps dealers achieve unmatched results across all departments—from lead generation and sales acquisition to customer retention and loyalty.

The ELEAD1ONE system services more than 7,000 automotive retail clients and is comprised of our award-winning contact management center, CRM, service, and digital platforms. We are the only system in today’s market with one true login that integrates variable and fixed operations, and tailors product packages to enhance your communications strategy and completely optimize the customer’s life cycle.

Award-Winning Automotive CRM

Built with performance-driven lead generation and marketing tools, ELEAD CRM scales to any size retail operation to completely manage the customer life cycle. ELEAD CRM communicates with showroom ups, phone ups, and Internet leads—all from a single tool that is easy to use.

For years, this award-winning software has been recognized for its fast, friendly, and flexible platform. ELEAD CRM integrates every component of the ELEAD1ONE system to streamline smarter lead generation and customer communication tools, efficient sales processes, and customer retention practices.

Data-driven reporting metrics are customized to provide success-driven dealers the information needed to make quick and better business decisions. From everyday CRM practices to desking, inventory, and fixed operations, ELEAD CRM transforms your processes into a true mobile-powered sales office.

Award-Winning Automotive ILM

The ELEAD Internet lead management solution provides quick and efficient tracking and the industry’s smartest lead-response tools. No other lead management tool creates more potential for your dealership. Sales success depends on 360-degree customer engagement and optimization of lead flow. ELEAD ILM provides both and more while giving you the exact tools needed to maximize revenue-generating opportunities from creation to conversion.

Through seamless integration with showroom, phone, website, all major DMS, and third-party lead providers, ELEAD CRM/ILM tracks every prospect and streamlines inquiries to the right sales representative in a tool that is effective and easy to use.

CRM Evolution

Enjoy total visibility and maximize data performance with our easy-to-use Mobile CRM Application, designed to generate more deals on the sales board. No matter your location, this ELEAD mobile app provides 100% access to the same robust CRM platform that you have come to expect. Instantly add prospects, find existing customers, follow up leads, or access Internet, inventory, and desking tools . . . our mobile portal does it all.

Customers for Life

No other company in the automotive space has our resources or ability to sustain a 100% focus on training, teaching, and support after the sale. We continue to raise the bar for excellence through our continuous team-building investment in industry-leading automotive retail experts, who have an unwavering passion for technology, superior training, process enhancement, and client service.

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    Steven Martin April 28, 2015

    I used to use e-leads and then I got a chance to look at Dealersocket, and it is the OTHER company with integrated one stop solutions. Maybe there will be a revision to this article to account for a company with a great product.


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