Interactivetel Introduces Total Track Solution to Help Bring Accountability to Customer Experience

Houston, TX —  June 27, 2016 — Interactivetel (, a system that tracks, monitors, and reports each interaction by phone or text to give dealers comprehensive knowledge of their customers, today announced the availability of Total Track. Now for the first time, dealership executives will have full visibility across their phone and text interactions, regardless of the entry point of the communication.

Unlike other third-party telephony systems, Total Track provides the ultimate management tool for incoming and outgoing calls and texts. Using the dashboard, managers are able to search calls and texts by date range, duration, campaign type, origin, and even category, such as service or parts calls. This rich groundswell of information provides a road map for executives wanting to improve and monitor the value they bring to customers when connecting with them via incoming channels.

“Based on our back end research, a dealership who sells 150 cars generates 45,000 minutes of phone calls per month, but only sees 3,000 minutes of those calls in their tracking software,” said Jack Behar, CEO of Interactivetel. “We’re out to help them find those missing 42,000 minutes and dig into that information to find tools that will increase their monthly sales.”

In addition to tracking, the system provides a powerful training tool for employees through recording and monitoring systems. Managers are able to listen in on any customer interaction, and then use those recordings to provide pointers during sales and service meetings, as well as track greetings, appointment capture, and campaign costs.

The tag cloud feature is especially helpful for managers who need to get a birds eye view of the content customers are most discussing. For instance, if there is an overwhelming phrase such as “bad service,” the manager can immediately address the concern based on calls that share the tag.

Dealerships who use Total Track see an average 30% increase in 90 days. For more information on Total Track and Interactivetel, please visit

About Interactivetel

Interactivetel is the only telephony system in the automotive space that provides full accountability of every phone call and text coming into the dealership. Through use of the system, managers have a bird’s eye view of what campaigns are working, how their customers are being treated, and how their employee interactions are impacting their bottom line. For more information, please visit

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