3 Advertising Tips to Reel In Car Buyers

Go where the big fish are and use the right bait

I grew up in Indiana, where my dad used to take me fishing. Some of my favorite childhood memories involve warm days, a fishing boat, and conversations that lasted the afternoon.

One very important thing I learned from my dad was that even though we always fished the same lake, we didn’t always fish the same spot. He was smart enough to realize that factors such as weather, bait, and season would impact whether or not we caught the Big One, and fishing in the same spot wasn’t always successful.

The lessons I learned from my dad during our fishing excursions are ones that I carry with me in my professional life today. In particular, I understand that in order to be successful at driving automotive sales through digital advertising, you should go where the big fish are biting, adjust the bait with messaging that resonates, and reel them in the right way.

The three following tips will show you how.

1. Cast a wider net

Millions of in-the-funnel car buyers visit automotive websites every month—11 million in Autobytel’s network of sites alone, for example—to research new and used cars, side-by-side vehicle comparisons, pricing information, test drives, reviews, and more.

Yet reaching this significant pool of car buyers is next to impossible if you don’t have an ad presence there. Simply put, if your digital ads aren’t featured at websites in-market car buyers visit each month, you’re missing out on opportunities to drive incremental traffic to your website and ultimately, more car sales for your business.

Be sure to go where the big fish are biting by casting a wider net at automotive research sites.

2. Use the right bait

Having a presence at automotive research sites is one thing, using the right bait is something entirely different. The best advertising fully engages consumers with targeted offers that drill down to make, model, trim, and geographic location information, to funnel them directly to you and to help them convert from shoppers to buyers.

Using the right bait means featuring messaging that resonates—in this case, offers that target the vehicles consumers are searching for in their market area.

3. Reel them in the right way

Once you’ve engaged consumers at the sites they visit regularly with the right messaging, the final step is to reel them into your website the right way. We often see people drive traffic to very targeted pages of their website, such as vehicle details pages, because they think the more targeted the information, the more likely the conversion. This isn’t necessarily true.

Often, car buyers want to research various equipment, options, colors, or other vehicles in your inventory. Our experience has shown that by directing consumers to more general areas of your website—like a vehicle search results page—you provide consumers with shopping options and ultimately, a better buying experience when it comes to finding the perfect vehicle at the best price.

Mindy Howe is senior director of strategic accounts for Autobytel Inc., offering the industry a full suite of high quality lead products and advertising services, including AutoWeb pay-per-click advertising, TextShield, SaleMove, and Payment Pro. For more information, text or call (248) 842-3101 or email mindyh@autobytel.com.

Mindy Howe


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