The 3 Questions You’re Probably Forgetting to Ask Before Hiring a Marketing Agency

It’s no secret that dealerships face a ton of difficult challenges when looking to hire a new marketing agency or vendor. Who can we trust? Will they understand our business? Will their marketing efforts work in getting us closer to our goals?

Choosing an advertising agency isn’t easy—not by a long shot. But if you’re armed with the right information ahead of time, selecting the right agency for your dealership can be simpler than you think.

Here are the three critical questions most dealerships forget to ask when interviewing agencies or vendors:

1. What’s your process for developing and executing creative for my dealership?

Creative ideas and design are much easier to rely on during the decision-making process, because typically they are the most tangible elements you get to see and fully understand when interviewing agencies.

Because of this, decisions end up being based on who has the most creative, abstract ideas instead of how those creative ideas are developed and executed.

Marketing is more than just “getting your name out there”—it’s about getting you closer to your business goals. Yes, creativity is important, but sales keep the lights on. Without a strategy in place, creative ideas won’t produce the results your dealership needs to grow and succeed.

2. How will my marketing budget be allocated most effectively?

For most dealerships, generating results requires a healthy mix of both digital and traditional marketing tactics. Which is why it’s essential that the agency you select has a suitable range of services available based on your business goals.

To ensure your budget will be allocated to achieve the best possible results, discuss with your potential agencies how internal departments will work together to produce consistent messages across all marketing mediums. Next, review how results will be measured and applied. Based on data, will the agency be able to reallocate your budget toward the most cost-effective campaigns to continuously improve results without increasing your budget?

3. How will you measure ROI?

Speaking of results and reporting, understanding which pieces of your marketing strategy are working and which are not is the key to any successful marketing campaign.

You can have the best-looking advertising in the world, but if you can’t track the results, what good is it?

Ask your prospective agencies or vendors how they track their data: What technology or software do they use? What do they do with metrics and analytics? How will they help you make strategic decisions based on the data?

Finally, ask to see a sample of their reports. Do they clearly indicate the performance of all marketing efforts as well as strategic recommendations for improvement?

Choosing the right agency for your dealership can mean the difference between wasted marketing dollars and measurable results. So when evaluating agencies, ensure the company you’re considering is knowledgeable in creating comprehensive marketing strategies aligned with business goals, has real, proven experience in driving measurable results, and offers the variety of services you need to grow your business.

Sarah D’Andrea is the Inbound And Content Marketing Manager for Stream Companies, a full service integrated advertising agency.

Sarah DAndrea


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