3 Scary Halloween, Car Dealership Commercials

Get some inspriation (or learn what to avoid!)

It’s Halloween and car dealerships across the country are taking advantage of the holiday to have some fun with their commercials, some to more success than others. Here are some fun ones I found on youtube. Use them for some inspiration (or as a warning what not to do!) and send me your favorite Halloween commercials in the comments below.

Local Halloween Attractions

I am dumbfounded by this car dealership’s commercial. The idea makes sense, promote your dealership and local attractions at the same time, but then they use the music from a yoga class and light sandy backgrounds with skeletons in the front. Let’s call this one a warning…

Tales from the Car Factory

Mad scientist defeating high prices for the win!

Skinny Lattes and Talking Skeletons

I understand wearing a suit is part of being a professional, but when you’re trying to make a spooky Halloween commercial, Get a Costume!

Michael Bowen


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