3 Things to Expect this Year in Automotive Content Marketing

2015 is finally upon us, and while most automotive dealerships have already finalized their yearly marketing budgets, expectations of the digital landscape’s trends and changes have just begun to emerge. At the forefront of this conversation is content marketing, its development within the automotive space, as well as the opportunity and overall influence it will have in 2015.

In this article, I’ll reveal the three things to expect this year in automotive content marketing.

1. Content marketing will have a fundamental role throughout the car buying journey.

As more and more automotive dealerships have recognized the incredible SEO benefits of content, this year, dealerships will begin to identify the essential role content marketing plays throughout the entire car buying process.

For dealerships who are already practising content marketing, almost 100% of their content marketing strategy is dedicated to the top of the funnel—utilizing blog posts and articles to improve search engine rankings and drive more organic website traffic. And while this is, and will remain, an essential part of a content strategy, it’s really just the tip of the iceberg.

This year, it will become increasingly important for automotive dealerships to integrate content within the buying funnel and sales process, from driving prospective buyers to your website and converting qualified contacts to nurturing those contacts into sales-ready leads and creating loyal, repeat buyers.

2. Mobile will have a growing influence within automotive content marketing strategies.

In the report, “Worldwide Mobile Phone Users: H1 2014 Forecast and Comparative Estimates,” eMarketer estimates that mobile phone penetration will increase from 61.1% to 69.4% of the global population between 2013 and 2017.

And while the importance of mobile marketing and responsive websites have been emphasized by marketers for the past few years, the intricacies of creating a mobile content marketing strategy is still in its very early stages. However, it’s something that we’ll continue to hear more and more about throughout 2015.

Will mobile require its own, individual content marketing strategy? Not likely…at least, not yet. This year, I believe mobile’s influence will work hand-in-hand with dealership’s existing content strategy, acting as a key component when determining the type of content that’s produced, and how it will be created, optimized, and distributed to engage both mobile and desktop users.

3. Auto dealerships who begin creating highly-personalized content will dominate the digital competitive landscape.

This year, we’ll start to see more dynamic content strategies that are highly personalized to the individual prospect. More comprehensive content tactics will be planned that are focused on the buyer’s interests rather than promotions and sales, alone.

While it’s not an initiative I expect to be fully executed this year, I do believe that personalization based on the specific needs and behavior of the digital buyer will become a sales and marketing necessity and focal point throughout 2015; and those that begin strategizing towards this development will be quickly recognized among digital car shoppers.

Sarah D’Andrea is the Inbound And Content Marketing Manager for Stream Companies, a full service integrated advertising agency.

Sarah DAndrea


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