3 Ways to Make Your Social Media Marketing Work Harder

Sure, your social marketing looks cool—the images are sharp and the copy is engaging, and the overall message falls right in line with your dealership. You love it, but is it working? Is it generating results? Have you sold more vehicles?

If you’re not tracking the stats related to your social marketing, then you have no way to see its true impact. In other words, you could be missing out on potential qualified car buyers.

The following are three ways to ensure your social media marketing is both aligned with your dealership’s goals, and achieving meaningful results.

1. Know Your Objectives

When you start out with social marketing, you need to decide what you want to accomplish. Objectives are the name of the game. Do you want to drive traffic to your dealership’s website? Maybe you’re looking for more engagement and to build a relevant, larger community around your dealership. Whatever you decide, social marketing can help support those objectives, and precisely track the success and outcome.

2. Measure, Track, and Analyze

Facebook offers intense insights for each post or campaign you launch, calculating the amount of clicks, impressions, conversions, and cost. Additionally, you can use tools such as Sprout Social, Radian6, or Spredfast to see just how effective your message was in terms of engagement and response time, as well as track the comments, questions, and feedback you received.

Make sure to study the trends and adjust your campaigns as your goals evolve and your dealership grows. Also, pay attention to Google Analytics to make sure your social traffic falls in line with your efforts. By tracking campaign start and end dates, you can compare month-to-month results to see what improved and what needs more attention.

3. Align Social Objectives with Business Goals

When promoting your dealership on Facebook, the ads you run offer a variety of objectives. So ask yourself: What am I trying to do for my dealership? From generating clicks to your website to promoting posts and Facebook offers, social marketing can help your dealership gain exposure to the specific audience that is most likely to buy a vehicle.

For example, to drive foot traffic, launch a Facebook offer with an enticing incentive, only redeemable online, for a free service or a percentage off a new vehicle.
As your dealership grows and changes, you’ll find that social media marketing can promote and support different aspects of your marketing program, providing proof through insights and metrics every step of the way.

Paying close attention each month to stats and analytics will show that social marketing can work hard for your dealership, beyond just Likes, and can be a leading referral for traffic, inquiries, leads, and revenue. Sometimes it can be difficult to draw the line from efforts to results, but with an effective social campaign tracking ROI, you can easily analyze what’s working best for your dealership and get the absolute most out of your social media marketing.

Julia Giacoboni is Director of Social Media Marketing at Stream Companies, a Philadelphia-area full-service advertising agency. She has worked on numerous social campaigns for a variety of industries including retail, automotive, education, and food and beverage.

Julia Giacoboni


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