4-Step Training Plan to Tune Up Your Dealership Technology

Is technology your team’s MVP, or a benchwarmer you wish you could cut?

Alright, coach, it’s the third week of the last month in the sales quarter. Your team hasn’t quite hit its quotas for the month or quarter, and you’re running out of time. The pressure is on to get your best players on the field and finish the sales quarter strong.

Yet no matter how good your team is, it’s shackled to a myriad of tools it needs to do its job. Although these tools are meant to make the sales process easy and convenient, we all know that isn’t always the case.

So, my question to you: Is your dealership technology your team’s MVP, or a benchwarmer you wish you could cut?

People buy from people, and your team knows how to establish trust and connection with customers. But how often are your team’s efforts derailed by a slow DMS that leaves customers impatient and sitting alone, while your salespeople have to scurry to another part of the dealership for answers?

Have you ever seen multiple salespeople standing around one computer waiting for their turn to run a credit report or check inventory, because a particular computer is “faster,” or the only one working?

Consider your sales cycle through the eyes of your customers. You want to create a process that builds their trust, and is expedient, but not rushed.

Give your team flexibility

To do this, you need to give your team the flexibility to stay with customers during the entire sales process. With a process that allows them get the answers they need without leaving their desks constantly, you’ve taken a big step toward making your team a contender—and crushing your sales goals every quarter.

In today’s world, people want everything instantly. By empowering your team to give fast answers to customer questions, to build a trusting relationship, and to create a smooth and convenient car-buying process, you can make the difference between blowing your quota out of the water and biting your nails before every deadline.

The good news: The technology exists to empower this process. The problem: If the technology isn’t deployed correctly, you can waste a lot of money and still have a frustrating sales process for everybody involved.

4 steps to get your technology into shape

Your job is to sell cars, not to make sure your network and applications are running correctly, so use this four-step training plan for getting your dealership technology network into shape:

  1. Identify choke points and inefficiencies: Consult your sales team and management to find out where they regularly hit a snag in the sales process, and take customer surveys, if appropriate.
  2. Audit your current solution, including hardware, capabilities, and costs.
  3. Consult your IT director or an outside party and ask them to point out where they see day-to-day inefficiencies.
  4. Develop a plan to improve your customer selling experience: Make sure it allows room for growth.

There’s no reason to put your team in the game without the gear it needs to win, and with the increase in online sales and other available consumer information, the importance of making your technology work for you is only going to become greater.

Turn your sales process into an all-star player by simply identifying the challenges in your current sales cycle, and search for solutions that will benefit the customer and your team. You’ll build a perennial powerhouse.

Chase Linscomb is a customer solutions specialist at Wired Networks, and has been referred to (by himself) as the “Chuck Norris of Networks.” An Aggie graduate, customer advocate, and telecom troublemaker, Chase looks past the equipment and coding, and focuses on creating mind-blowing user experiences with Wired Networks solutions.

Chase Linscomb


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