4 Steps to Fit Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

Don’t reinvent the wheel—simply duplicate your existing messaging with a video, and distribute it via as many channels as possible

I talk to many dealers who are excited about the idea of video, but they’re not sure how it fits into their existing marketing strategy. In particular, there seems to be some confusion about whether video is a channel, strategy, or message.

It seems that many of you believe that you have to come up with new and exciting ideas for videos. This is actually not the case.

The best way to understand how to use video is to review the four basics of how your marketing strategy is developed.

1. Define your goal

The first step is to define a marketing goal. For example, based on research, you discover that one of the biggest concerns consumers have when buying a new car is getting a fair trade-in valuation for their current vehicle.

As a result, you decide you want to become known as the dealership that offers total transparency in how you come up with valuations, as well as for offering trade-in valuations guaranteed to beat your competition.

2. Develop a strategy

The next step is to come up with strategies on how you’re going to reach your goal.

For example, you may decide to:

  • Promote a trade-in widget on your website to get more leads
  • Create and promote messaging about how you arrive at trade-in valuations
  • Create and promote educational campaigns for consumers
  • Create and promote a customer guarantee

3. Create your message

Once you decide on your strategies, it’s time to come up with messaging.

What is your customer’s need, and how are you solving it? At this point, don’t worry about how you are going to send your message, just focus on the message itself.

Going back to our example, when it comes to trade-in valuations, consumer distrust is the primary challenge to overcome. You can say you offer the best trade-in valuations, but what is going to make your customers believe it?

You’ll want to create messaging that educates customers, persuades them to try your trade-in valuation tool, and reassures them that your guarantee is solid.

Your trade-in valuation message is your value proposition that answers the question, “Why buy from this dealer?”

4. Choose tactics and channels

Once you have your messaging worked out, it’s time to look at what tools you have at your disposal to help spread the word.

The tactics you decide to use go hand-in-hand with appropriate channels of distribution. To maximize ROI, get your message out on as many consumer touch points as possible.

What are the best ways to promote your trade-in widget and let customers know about your trade-in valuations? This strategy is a competitive differentiator, so your marketing plan should be comprehensive. You may select half a dozen tactics and channels, if not more.

This is where video fits into your marketing strategy. Video is one of many tactics that can be used to send a specific message, and distributed via a number of channels, as shown below.

Marketing Tactics by Channel

Tactic Channel
Television commercial Television, YouTube
Radio ad Radio
Educational video Website, YouTube, social media, email
Testimonial video Website, YouTube, social media, email
Service department video Website, YouTube, social media, email
Digital ads Third-party websites, SEO/SEM
Video ads Third-party websites, VSEO/VSEM
Point-of-sale (POS) materials On-site
Direct sale Postal mail

The table shows how each tactic is tied to a channel. Depending on what your budget is, you can decide which tactics are most practical.

For example, to promote your trade-ins, is it really cost effective to create a television commercial that may reach thousands of people who aren’t in the market for a new vehicle?

Or is it more cost effective to develop a video that can be included in targeted video email and video ad campaigns?

A good way to get started with video is to take a look at your current marketing goals.

Virtually every dealership already has existing content in the form of TV and/or radio commercials, pre-rolls, digital ads, email marketing templates, flyers, postcards, and website copy.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Simply duplicate your existing messaging with a video, and distribute that video via as many channels as possible.

Find out if using video delivers higher open, click-through, and engagement rates—not to mention more leads—compared to non-video tactics. Then adjust the use of your tactics and channels accordingly.

Ted Dupuy is director of national accounts with Flick Fusion Video Marketing. Ted has more than a decade of experience working with automotive dealers to help improve their sales processes, inventory merchandising, and video marketing strategies.

Ted Dupuy


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