4 Ways Partnerships With Tire Recyclers Benefit Dealerships

With the focus on environmentally friendly practices continuing to grow, many auto dealerships are forming partnerships with their local tire recyclers.

Not only are these partnerships environmentally sound, but they also lead to job opportunities, new product creation, dealerships’ differentiation from their competition, and helping customers feel like they are making a difference in our world. Here’s how.

1. Environmentally soundness

Many used tires end up in scrap piles on both public and private land. These sites are prone to catching fire, releasing toxins into the atmosphere and soil. A much more sound use of old tires is to properly recycle them. Scrap tires are shredded and used to form products that are valuable to the community.

Child playground injuries, for example, can be greatly reduced by using playground flooring made of recycled tire materials. Approximately 70% of playground injuries occur as a result of falls. Surfaces made of recycled tires are more shock absorbent, allowing for a softer and safer landing when children fall off playground equipment.

Also, many running tracks are now composed of recycled tire material. The benefit to the community and athletes is a reduction in injuries because these tracks, much like playground flooring, are shock absorbent. A track created from recycled tires may require less maintenance than traditional surfaces, leaving track upkeep costs to be reallocated to other areas of local sports programs.

2. New jobs and innovative products

Recycled tire materials are now used worldwide in existing products and industries, as well as new and innovative ones. Approximately 300 million tires are disposed of annually in the U.S., and nearly 80% of those them are properly recycled.

Garden mulch, drainage systems, rubberized asphalt, sidewalks, handicap access ramps, floors and ceilings, and automotive parts are now made from recycled tire material. When your organization participates in environmentally friendly tire recycling, it helps create new job opportunities and more advanced products that improve everyday life.

3. Differentiation from your competition

Any positive way you can differentiate your dealership from a competitor is an advantage to your organization. Many car dealerships advertise or print materials that underscore the fact that they work with local organizations to benefit the communities in which they operate.

A growing number of dealerships are realizing the benefits of making consumers aware of their environmentally sound business practices. Given the choice, most conscientious consumers prefer to work with a dealership that can demonstrate it is concerned with the environment, and in improving the quality of life for its fellow citizens.

4. Desire to “make a difference”

Beyond making your organization look good, you also want to make your customers feel good about doing business with you. When they realize that you are helping to promote a cleaner environment, create new job opportunities, and create new products that will improve the lives of others, word gets around.

Online reviews, social media, and good old-fashioned word-of-mouth referrals could soon boost traffic at your dealership, and increase business in the process.

Whether your dealership works with tire recyclers out of a love for Mother Earth or to simply appeal to the environmental consciousness of your customers, the benefits are vast. Smart dealers everywhere see the value in partnering with local tire recyclers for financial, local, and global reasons.

Paul Arellano is the sales and marketing manager at Lakin Tire, a tire recycling company founded in 1918. Lakin Tire is giving new life to old tires through creative thinking, innovative recycling processes, and optimized scrap tire management.

Paul Arellano


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