5 Reasons Why SEO Might Not Be Working for You

You shouldn’t be dumping time and money into a strategy that isn’t helping you sell more vehicles

At a dealership, the main purpose of search engine optimization (SEO) is not to get more people to your website. It’s actually to bring more people to your dealership floor so they can purchase a vehicle from you.

If your SEO strategy is failing in this regard, you need to find out how it’s failing, and then correct the issue. You shouldn’t be dumping your time and money into a strategy that isn’t helping you sell more vehicles.

Here are five reasons why your SEO might be failing to bring more people to your dealership:

1. You’ve chosen the wrong keywords

There is a big difference between a generic keyword like “car dealership” and a keyword like “best brand to buy family sedan from.” While the people searching for these two disparate keywords might have the same intention—to buy a sedan—you have a much higher chance of showing up near the top of search results and convincing the searcher to come to your dealership if you optimize for the second keyword.

The perfect keywords for your strategy are the ones that show that the searcher has the intent to buy.

2. Content written with only SEO in mind

If you’re creating your content specifically for search engines with little regard for the real humans who are going to be reading that content, you are simply won’t get the most out of your SEO strategy.

Search algorithms have become more and more focused on serving up websites that are good for human readers, instead of those that just try to fulfill a checklist of optimization. Content that is stuffed with keywords and is poorly written won’t entice anyone to leave the house to visit your dealership.

Instead, create content with your target audience in mind. SEO should be high on your list of priorities, but your audience should top everything else.

3. Your time frame is not realistic

Starting a campaign and expecting thousands of visitors to your website and hundreds to your dealership in the first month is simply not realistic. So much so, in fact, that even the uninitiated understand how unrealistic it is.

Even if you don’t have unrealistic expectations, you might still be shooting far too high without realizing it. Talking to a SEO firm is a good way to understand how long a real SEO strategy can take, and what you should expect from it.

Of course you should have lofty goals, but they shouldn’t be so lofty that the reality of a realistic, protracted SEO time frame disappoints you.

4. You’re targeting the wrong traffic

Many people make the mistake of believing that if they are getting traffic to their website, their SEO strategy is successful. Sure, lots of people might be clicking on the page, but if they are not sticking around or actually buying a vehicle, they might be the wrong kind of traffic.

This can be a result of advertising yourself in the wrong way. For example, if you sell luxury vehicles but are getting an influx of buyers looking for utility vehicles, you might see a lot of clicks but not very many sales.

5. Your website is not attractive

It can be hard to hear that your website is not attractive, but the truth is that an ugly website can undo all of the work that you’ve done in bringing people to it. Your website should represent your dealership by being clean, streamlined, and welcoming. If it isn’t, it’s time for a redesign.

By making sure your SEO strategy doesn’t fall into these five traps, you’ll help drive more website visitors away from their devices and computers, and to your dealership.

Adam Roseland is the founder of 814 Interactive, a leading digital marketing firm that specializes in automotive SEO. Adam has been working in the advertising industry for the past 10+ years, primarily in the digital space helping local dealers get more ups. Curious how your SEO stacks up? Run a free SEO audit for your dealership right now at im814.com.

Adam Roseland


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    Abhishek Verma December 21, 2016

    Nice article sir,
    But I have an query that I have made my blog and it’s just one month and I have 35 posts there and they ate over 300 words but I am using Yoast SEO on my WordPress and according to Yoast I am using three or two focus keywords for my posts but is it relevant of using such amount of keywords and my blog is about Factual things , i am not selling any product on it , so give me some advice’s how to make it more visible to people on search engines and bring traffic to it.


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