5 Steps to Drive More Sales With Your SEO Strategy

Improve your SERP rankings, expand market reach, and watch conversions surge upward

With the rising number of consumers researching their next vehicle online, it’s crucial to have an effective SEO strategy, or you may be at risk of losing prospective buyers to your competitors down the street.

Think of all the pages beyond the first Google results page as a dark, creaky attic full of dusty items you forgot about years ago. That’s exactly how the second and third pages of Google are, leaving your website to never see the light of day.

By having an impactful SEO strategy, your dealership’s website will improve in search engine results page (SERP) rankings, expand market reach, and see an upsurge in conversions. Here are five steps to boost your SEO strategy to sell more cars.

1. Keep content new and fresh

The key is designing a consistent monthly content strategy based on keyword research that focuses on promoting the models your dealership wants to sell more of. The more unique, educational content created, the more likely Google will recognize your site as an authority source.

Keyword research is key. By researching long-tail keywords with high search volumes based on branded keyword terms and models, you can create quality content that directly answers prospective buyers’ most-asked questions about the car they’re researching regarding comparisons, technology, safety, and other features.

2. Own your digital backyard

Geographic targeting is arguably one of the most effective way to get ahead of your competitors. Because Google can now access your location, owning your digital backyard means everything to your dealership’s website.

But how exactly do you target organically? Start by building your dealership’s authority within various locations through content that local residents will find valuable.

By targeting areas within your backyard and competitors’ locations, you have a better chance of passing your competitors in search engine results and being found first.

To ensure that your local content strategy plan is working, consistently measure and analyze your SEO efforts. It’s critical to always have a pulse on what local strategies are working for your dealership, and even what strategies your competitors are implementing that may be threatening your rankings.

3. Run a tight ship

Keeping a dealership’s appearance clean and polished is a top priority to attract customers. This should be the same priority for your website. By examining your site’s health, the better chance you have of finding broken links and forms, old content and citations that need to be updated, and avoiding penalty issues.

Most importantly, analyze conversion numbers. If a form or button isn’t converting, test it to make sure that it’s not a technical issue. If it is, the longer it stays broken, the more Internet leads you miss out on, meaning those cars on your lot are staying put.

Lastly, don’t forget about your off-page digital presence: Keep your citations cleaned up. Citations are important because they help to increase local search rankings. If your citations are incorrect or have duplicate listings, this will hurt your local rankings.

4. Build high-quality links

The importance of building high-quality links has never been higher. The more high-quality links you have pointing to your website, the higher your domain and page authority will rank.

Search engines use these links to crawl between websites. Imagine it as creating clear paths that are easy to navigate. Link tags, anchor text, and link referral locations are all factors that Google takes into consideration.

Here’s a link-building tip you can implement today: Create a community page within your website. At any given time, anyone within your community could be in the market for a new car.

As a local business, dealerships have the opportunity to establish themselves as a community resource by connecting with other local businesses and utilizing that relationship within the digital space. This is especially beneficial when building high-quality, local links to your website.

5. Drive conversions with content

Creating educational guides that help to answer prospective buyers’ questions is a great way to drive leads. Offering educational information such as an e-book guide in exchange for contact information is a low-risk way to increase leads. It’s also important to have lead opportunities on all SEO pages that connect with prospects at every stage of the buying funnel.

Pay close attention to the placement and appearance of calls to action (CTA). Does your dealership have the right CTAs that appeal to the buyers at every stage of the buyer’s journey? CTAs should be strategically placed throughout a website where they make the most sense to the buyer. The goal is always to get site visitors to take the next step, no matter what page of the website they’re on.

These are just a few of the ways to boost your website’s SEO. By incorporating them into your SEO strategy, your search engine results will improve noticeably and you’ll see the cars driving off your lot faster.

Tina DiSerafinois an SEO team lead at Stream Companies, a fully integrated ad agency located in Malvern, Pennsylvania. Tina came to Stream Companies to take on the world of SEO and digital marketing. Starting out as an SEO content Strategist, she took on high-profile clients such as The CAR Group, located throughout Southern California. For additional questions, email Tina at tina.diserafino@streamcompanies.com or for more info on effective SEO strategies, visit www.streamcompanies.com/blog/.

Tina DiSerafino

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