7 Things Your Dealership Should Expect from Your PPC Agency Each Month

1) They Always Get Approval for Manufacturer Compliance

Most auto manufacturers today have strict guidelines for PPC ads. Any PPC agency worth their salt
will get the pertinent information (specials, pricing, wording) preapproved before ever setting it live. Many manufacturers operate under a three strike rule and enough mistakes can cost you thousands in coop dollars! You deserve peace of mind.

2) They Never Settle For ‘Good Enough’

Many dealerships pay out the nose for PPC when they are not managed properly. While a cost per click of $3.95 and $4.15 doesn’t seem like much at first, it can add up to a significant loss in the long term. Well managed PPC campaigns will work to keep the cost per click down, netting you significantly more clicks for your budget. You deserve real results.

3) They Include Mobile Preferred Ads

Between Google’s push for mobile traffic and the overall rise in smart phone usage it is essential to keep your dealership relevant for phones and tablets as much as desktops. Click-to-Call alone provides a powerful tool for a potential buyer to call you directly from the ad, bypassing many of the inconveniences that smart phone navigation can entail. You deserve a diverse approach.

4) They Always Exercise Deep-Linking

A Great PPC agency will always direct the visitor to the most pertinent web page. An ad for A Ford F-150 that links to a homepage rather than a model-specific page is vastly less likely to result in a sale, let alone provide the visitor with any useful information. It just reeks of laziness. You deserve time and attention.

5) They Can Prove How Your Budget is Being Spent

Some search engine marketing agencies don’t provide a lot of details when detailing how your budget is being spent. Avoid any agency that is reluctant to offer detailed reports showing you how, when, and where they’re spending your money. You deserve transparency.

6) They Break Out Analytics Based On Your Goals

Google Analytics is great when it comes to analyzing your site performance. The best PPC agencies will always go a step further. A thorough agency might provide you with page by page performance of all the pages on your site or which specific buttons trigger event tracking goals the most. This deep information will allow you to take your marketing strategy to a new level, where you can make informed decisions based on specific pages and products, rather than on an “overall performance” metric. You deserve the most pertinent information.

7) They Provide Integration Tailored For the Auto Industry

Always try to snag a PPC company familiar with your industry or at the very least eager to become familiar with your industry. An experienced PPC agency should be able to provide you with information tailor-made for an auto dealership. Lead tracking with email/call differentiation, rate of conversion on leads and even call tracking dynamically inserted on the website depending on your website layout. You deserve the best tools.

Quality work can be hard to come by and keeping these tips in mind when hiring or evaluating a current PPC agency will help ensure you do your due diligence in making the best decision possible.

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Andrew Cabrelli


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