A Dealer’s Starter Kit for Building a Social Media Presence

For dealers, social media creates convenience for potential customers, and builds loyalty

As a savvy businessperson, you understand that you need to find your customers at the locations they frequent. Creating convenience wherever the shopper is located is one of the key aspects to retail today.

This strategic approach has never been more applicable to automotive retail than it is now, what with the usual intense competition with other dealerships, and customers having higher expectations than ever.

Today, social media is a powerful tool for consumers to determine where they should do business. For dealers, 60% percent of a car buyer’s time is spent shopping online, so using social media creates convenience for potential customers.

This means your dealership needs a social media presence that is active, up to date at all times, and engaging.

If you don’t know the first thing about creating a social media page for your dealership,  don’t be alarmed. Everyone’s social media experience varies, and in some instances, dealerships have no social media experience at all.

Having a link to your dealership website and transferring information from your site to your Facebook page is a good place to start. Next, inviting people in your area to like your page is a great way to build your Facebook following.

Additionally, you should either hire or assign someone in your dealership to own your social presence. That person should be the go-to person for all post creation, customer responses, and engagement.

Regarding Facebook “likes,” it’s important to understand the quality of the likes versus the quantity of likes. If your dealership is in a small community, 250 likes by individuals within a 20-mile radius is more important than 10,000 likes from people across the country.

Once your page is up and running, it’s important to be both transparent and engaged with your customers.

Post new updates on a regular basis, and communicate with your customers, both in good and bad situations. This shows them that you are engaged on your social channels as much as you are at the physical dealership.

This high level of customer service and communication will translate to what then happens inside your dealership.

When dealers and their staff respond to customers online in a professional and quick manner, the same thing will start happening in your dealership. And customers will start to spread the word.

This shows how social media helps you stand out as a quality dealership that will do anything to create the best possible customer experience.

Your dealership’s social media presence does not need to be complicated or difficult. Keep it simple and remember to engage with your customers, and you will stand out among your competitors online.

Bobby Bailey is the Manager of Managed Social at Dealer.com.

Bobby Bailey


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