A New Way To Brand Your Dealership With Television

don't drink and drive

Image, for auto dealerships, has always been a slippery slope. Unlike most other businesses, dealers have to contend with the fact that other dealers have sometimes given the business a bad name. As the proverb says, “One bad apple spoils the bunch.”

For all businesses, however, developing a brand is a vital part of success. In the case of a dealership, developing a brand needs very cautious planning. What your dealership should strive for is a positive, community-oriented image like that of a thoughtful and caring friend. For this reason, and also to counter the “bad apples”, you should consider a television commercial that simply tries to help the community. You don’t have to pitch all the time on TV. Consider a simple message that will make your customers, and especially your future customers think, “What a great message, those guys are concerned about me and my family.”

A good example of a simple, ready-made, turnkey campaign is the “Don’t Drink & Drive” campaign from Stevenson Advertising. The campaign, limited to one dealer per television market, features 15 second and 30 second commercials that show a glass of alcohol filling on a table. The announcer says something like, “Stop your friends from drinking and driving even if you have to take their keys and make them mad,” as the keys on the table are grabbed.

The spot ends with your dealership’s logo with a 3D treatment. Simple, powerful, and a great message brought to your community by your dealership. You can see the commercial, and the details, by visiting: www.DealerMarketing.com/DontDrinkAndDrive. Or see the ad on page 19 of this issue. Call 888-385-7526 and tell ‘em “I want that DUI spot.”

As we all know, people buy cars for many reasons other than price. Give your community a reason to buy from you. Develop a caring image and sell more cars.

Michael Bowen


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