About Dealer Marketing Magazine

Dealer Marketing Magazine began in 2002 as a way for The Dealer Marketing Center to reach auto dealers across the country with the Center’s products. Dealer Marketing Center offered syndicated automotive television commercials that dealers could use in their own markets.

When Dealer Marketing Magazine began in January of 2002, it was based on the idea that auto dealers could benefit from a trade magazine that offered the experience and advice of expert marketers across the country. Since that time, Dealer Marketing Magazine has become the leader in automotive marketing information. Dealers from all parts of the United States have enjoyed and benefited from the content of the magazine each month.

Dealer Marketing Magazine was started by ad agency veteran, Brett Stevenson in Seattle, Washington, owner of Stevenson Advertising. A team of auto marketing experts, led by Editor in Chief Kurt Stephan, currently produce it. The Dealer Marketing Magazine staff is dedicated to providing auto dealers nationwide with a relevant one-stop resource for their advertising, marketing, sales, education, and business development needs.

Every month, Dealer Marketing Magazine is mailed to over 18,000 auto dealers in the U.S. and Canada (most new car dealers and the nation’s top used car dealers) and more than 1,600 industry-affiliated professionals. Dealer Marketing Magazine, however, is not a news magazine; it is a trade magazine focused on business success.

Our focus is not up-to-the-minute information on manufacturer news, personnel promotions, and other news events. While some dealers may find this news informative, our experience suggests that dealers are more interested in learning how to be more effective marketers and better businesspeople.

Dealer Marketing Magazine is a business tool designed to give dealers an edge over their competition. Our expert columnists educate dealers on how to create a compelling television advertising campaign, how to increase F&I penetration, how to market the parts and service department, and how to manage and monitor online dealership reputations, just to name a few.