Acceleration Awards Winner Spotlight: Binary Automotive Solutions

Throughout November, we’re spotlighting the winners of Dealer Marketing Magazine‘s first-ever Acceleration Awards, which recognize automotive vendors that stand out by offering unique products and services for increasing dealership sales, maximizing efficiency, streamlining processes, and most importantly, rapidly increasing profitability. Today: Binary Automotive Solutions


Binary Automotive Solutions

Category: Dealer-Branded Profit Solutions


Contact:, (888) 883-8557

The pitch: When you’re looking for ways to deliver a unique selling proposition that establishes your brand as a leader in your market, Binary Automotive Solutions’ dealer-branded warranty programs, certifications, and maintenance programs provide everything your dealership needs today to close new customers.

Binary’s sales and F&I packages are industry-leading, game-changing products. You’ll see almost immediate increases in sales, profits and, ultimately, retention with its products and programs.

No one else provides a greater breadth of sales and marketing material—and most importantly—at no cost. Binary Automotive Solutions promises to help you capture attention and retention with a distinctive brand promise that truly means something to your customers.



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