Acceleration Awards Winner Spotlight: Client Command

Throughout November, we’re spotlighting the winners of Dealer Marketing Magazine‘s first-ever Acceleration Awards, which recognize automotive vendors that stand out by offering unique products and services for increasing dealership sales, maximizing efficiency, streamlining processes, and most importantly, rapidly increasing profitability. Today: Client Command


Client Command

Category: Data Analysis and Marketing


Contact: (888) 786-6489

The pitch: Through Client Command’s Active Shopper Network, automotive dealers are able to pinpoint the specific needs of active car shoppers in their specific geo-location.

For instance, one buyer may be a student looking for their first car, while the other is a dad of two with a baby on the way looking for an SUV. Client Command then uses behavioral tracking technology to help dealerships deliver a 1:1 media message that compels that buyer to act.

When asked how many sales can be attributed to Client Command’s marketing strategies, one general manager said, “Somewhere around 1,400 customers.”



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