Acceleration Awards Winner Spotlight: ELEAD1ONE

Throughout November, we’re spotlighting the winners of Dealer Marketing Magazine‘s first-ever Acceleration Awards, which recognize automotive vendors that stand out by offering unique products and services for increasing dealership sales, maximizing efficiency, streamlining processes, and most importantly, rapidly increasing profitability. Today: ELEAD1LONE



Category: CRM


Contact: (855) 983-9470

The pitch: Automotive retail is more than just a numbers game; it’s about building relationships and driving loyalty with VIP customer experiences.

Every interaction in the customer journey impacts the dealer’s bottom line—from the first point of contact, and throughout the buying process to efficient service visits that ultimately lead the customer back to the sales floor.

ELEAD1ONE unites every business opportunity into one core platform, empowering dealers with the latest in intuitive CRM, adaptable mobile retail, proven VBDC solutions, and service technology that harness the power of mobile tablets, video, and text for faster, more transparent, and informative communication.



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