An All-In-One Solution Provider Relieves the Pain of Unsold Vehicles

Cars sitting unsold on your lots cost you money. You need to bring in serious buyers, but you can’t just wait for them to walk in.

Today’s buyers start their shopping on the Internet before they even walk into a showroom. By the time they walk in, they know what they want and how much they will pay. If you don’t get their attention before this, you may never see them walk in to your showroom. So how can you reach this buyer before another dealer does?

These buyers are no longer looking at newspaper ads. You have to find and qualify buyers and reach out to them wherever they are hanging out. Some will be on social media, others can be reached on emails, smartphones, or in a grocery store. To be sure you reach them all, you need to use all available delivery channels. That is why you need an one-stop solution provider that integrates all these delivery channels into one seamless delivery system.

Focus on what you do best

Many dealers try to install software on their systems, and hire resources or multiple vendors to send out emails and to social media, advertising, and send out flyers. Many times, there is no coordination among all these functions.

The problem is that dealers are trying to deal with something that is not their core business function. A dealership needs to focus on one thing and one thing only: selling cars. Dealers are not in the business of dealing with software installs and related headaches.

What you should do is outsource all these functions to a solution provider that can handle it for you. You need one vendor that can manage everything without depending on outside resources. The last thing you need to hear is that a particular issue is not vendor X’s problem, it’s vendor Y’s problem. You should have a one-point solution.

You know your business. You know the kind of buyer you want, and what kind of deals to throw and when. Your marketing can prepare a solid strategy, but to do it effectively and efficiently, you need a solution provider to make it happen. Working hand in hand with your marketing, that provider should evolve a marketing strategy, craft marketing campaigns, identify and contact buyers, and then bring in the serious ones.

So, who can you call? How many providers are out there that have both solid technology and a complete solution, so you can focus on what you do best?

Where a solution provider comes in

Quality all-in-one providers work with you to hone the marketing strategy that will bring the serious buyers (hot leads) to you. Based on the criteria you give them, they find qualified buyers, craft a compelling message for them, and reach out to them on all the delivery channels. Using email opens and behavior tracking, they pin down the serious buyers and deliver them to your sales staff.

With this type of solution, you need no installation and hardly any training. You just need to provide the provider with your basic marketing content and current deals. These are converted into email messages, landing pages, social media postings, blogs, flyers, and mobile app campaigns. Solution providers work with you at every step to keep you in the loop. They launch your campaigns on every delivery channel, gather the intelligence, provide the reporting and make the leads available on your cell phones for easy calling. Unlike many other vendors, the leads are generated exclusive for you. All you have to do is call them.

They constantly review the campaigns with you so they can make them better. Their process is simple, effective, and delivers. With them, your cost of bringing in leads can be five or six times less than with other methods. Response rates for your campaigns should have significant impact, so your sales team doesn’t have to scrounge for wreak leads.

The result? Working with an all-in-one solution provider, your marketing engine will be firing on all cylinders. With power like that, your marketing machine will be off to the races, and so will your sales.

Ajay Sagar,, is an entrepreneur with a technology background. He is part-owner of Pixl Inc. and is VP for business development. Pixl is the creator of Officer Apps, a suite of business management applications. Among others, Officer Campaigner is for marketing and sales automation. Around these applications, the company custom-builds solutions that help businesses to conduct their operations economically, efficiently, and in a timely manner. Any business, regardless of its type or size, can take advantage of Pixl’s Officer Apps to grow its profits.

Ajay Sagar


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