Are You Getting the Value Out of Now?

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Think quick. What are the top five moments of your life? Those are probably pretty easy to recall—high school or college graduation, wedding day, birth of a child, starting your business, etc. Cherished moments like that are few and far between.

Our normal day-to-day life is a bit more ho-hum. Quite often we spend the precious moments of our days either thinking about the past or worrying for the future, and forget to be present and live in the right now. Taking for granted the here and now can be dangerous, adding distractions and negativity to a life that could be more rich and fulfilling. Often we miss opportunities to focus on the present, existing in a dream state of, “what was,” or “what could be,” while we should be focusing on, “what is” and how to make the very best of it.

Here’s an example: have you ever had a day go by where your mind seems to be working at hyper speed, but you didn’t get anything done? You’re exhausted mentally, but still didn’t accomplish anything? That may be because you spent your time caught up in what could have been or what may be instead of what’s right in front of you.

Recognize when you start to go down that path and stop it. Instead, refocus your energy with what’s on your plate right now. Don’t stay locked up in the “worry chamber” or the “hope department” or you’ll lose another day with nothing to show for it. You must seize the present moments of each and every day.

Do you struggle with the constant decisions that a business owner faces? Is that where you fall off track? Good news—you are not alone. What do we do when decisions pile up in our business? We buckle down and intensely zero in on the moment, pushing aside all unnecessary projects, distractions, and thoughts that could paralyze the process. Even if your first few attempts at narrowing your focus fail, force yourself to be present in the moment and keep trying until you find your way through. Be relentless.

We believe action is the currency of the rich. Aren’t decision makers usually well-compensated? When you can hyper-focus and truly be in the moment, you’ll see that’s when action occurs. So, it would reason then, that being in the moment, where action takes place, is the secret of being rich and fulfilled.

Apply a fierce focus in your daily business routine, then, when presented with a problem, challenge or opportunity, you can immediately begin making decisions, taking action, and correcting your course as needed. You’ll no longer be bothered by the pesky past or the feeble future that used to plague you, taking you out of the moment.

What if you could race through the countless “moments” of your day and achieve the desired results on a regular basis? It’s possible! That is what being in the moment is all about. But it doesn’t happen overnight and takes practice and patience. It’s a learned behavior that requires dedication to master. So Carpe Diem, friends, Carpe Diem! That means right now. Embrace the precious moments of your life and see your business slowly, but surely, become more ESP®—Enjoyable, Simple and Prosperous. It can be done. It’s our promise to you.

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