Are You Ready for NADA? New Orleans January 24-27

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Your opportunity to take a few days away from the dealership and sharpen your saw is coming at the end of January. Seems like every year we see something new and amazing that will alter the way dealerships do business. Whether in a seminar or on the exhibition floor, there is always something that will help you sell more cars, faster. I always like to visit the booths that have never been at NADA before. Usually NADA labels the booths “new” and often you will find they offer something completely new and unique. If you do make the trip to New Orleans this year, remember that Bourbon Street is scientifically designed to make you forget you have a convention to go to the next day. Those really tall drinks called “Hurricanes” are not unlike a baseball bat to the side of your head. Try to take it easy.

The Technology Leadership Awards Are Coming Back


Dealer Marketing Magazine’s awards to the best new auto technology companies are open for nomination. You can visit and nominate your favorite auto technology company. This year’s awards are being run by Joe Webb, renowned digital marketer and a panel of auto dealers as judges. Dealer Marketing Magazine’s staff will not be involved in the judging of the awards to prevent any question of advertiser bias. The nomination process will have begun by the time you read this, and the awards will be announced in the March issue of Dealer Marketing Magazine.

To submit your nominations, visit

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