Are You Your Own Worst Enemy? The Most Common PPC Mistakes Committed By Multi-Location Dealerships

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One of the easiest ways to limit your cost is to limit competition. Now, when you are bidding in a competitive market, avoiding competition may not be the soundest idea, but when you run a dealership franchise with multiple locations, there’s a competitor you definitely want to avoid: yourself.

Yes—if your PPC campaigns aren’t managed properly for each of your locations, you can actually end up competing with yourself, which can in fact, drive up for costs for the keywords you’re bidding on.

Here are the two most common PPC mistakes committed by multi-location dealerships:

1. Overlapping Coverage

Before starting up your campaigns, make sure your paid search employees or the agency you employ know that you wish to avoid overlapping coverage between your dealerships.

For example, let’s say you have two dealers, located 50 miles apart. You want to establish which gets what region, because you’ll be bidding against yourself if one radius cuts into another.

See the image below for an idea of how that would look (red is bad!).

example of a Google map

2. No Cooperation

Typically, overlapping coverage is actually just a symptom of a larger problem: lack of cooperation between dealers. I must stress this issue doesn’t just affect your paid search efforts.

With a multi-location franchise, it is not just about keeping the customer away from competitors. You have to demonstrate convenience and that all your dealerships are cut from the same cloth. In other words: quality control is king. Letting the customer know they’ll get the same treatment at any of your dealerships is vital; and this needs to be conveyed within your PPC ads.

Emphasize in your ads that every dealer in your group will bring their A game every time (or whatever sets your dealerships apart from the competition).

Make sure all your offers are up to date and consistent across every dealership, in addition to offering the same competitive pricing and customer experience at every location. If you can’t beat a competitor’s deals, beat them with convenience and quality.

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Andrew Cabrelli is a PPC Consultant at Stream Companies, a Philadelphia area advertising agency.

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