Auto Sales Expected to Dip Slightly in October, Forecasts Edmunds

Incentives continue to attract more buyers in October compared to most of 2017, but automakers feel increasing pressure to clear inventory

Santa Monica, CA October 25, 2017 — Edmunds, the leading car shopping and information platform, forecasts that 1,317,738 new cars and trucks will be sold in the U.S. in October, for an estimated seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR) of 17.6 million. This reflects a 13.3% decrease in auto sales from September 2017 and a 3.5% decrease from October 2016.

Edmunds analysts say that while sales continue to be slower this year compared to 2016, if incentives can entice enough car buyers to clear out the high levels of 2017 inventory then the year should still finish historically strong.

“A 17.6 million SAAR in October is expected to be the second highest monthly sales rate of 2017, so despite the year-over-year decline, the industry can still consider it a solid month,” said Jessica Caldwell, Edmunds executive director of industry analysis. “We expect to see increasingly aggressive incentives offered on outgoing models through the end of the year as automakers look to build on this momentum, so car buyers can likely anticipate some door-buster deals this holiday season.”

October sales are also expected to experience a continued lift from shoppers impacted by this summer’s hurricanes.

“While replacement demand in Houston was higher in September, we anticipate that hurricane recovery efforts will continue to supplement October vehicle sales in the market,” Caldwell said. “In Florida, far fewer vehicles were lost to flood damage, but we expect to see an incremental boost in vehicle sales primarily from shoppers who may have delayed their purchases due to the storm.”


Sales Volume October 2017 Forecast October 2016 September 2017 Change from October 2016 Change from September 2017
GM 239,775 258,626 279,397 -7.3% -14.2%
Ford 196,556 187,080 221,643 5.1% -11.3%
Toyota 190,969 186,295 226,632 2.5% -15.7%
Fiat Chrysler 158,742 176,609 174,266 -10.1% -8.9%
Honda 123,655 126,161 142,722 -2.0% -13.4%
Nissan 107,541 113,520 139,932 -5.3% -23.1%
Hyundai/Kia 99,560 111,482 109,475 -10.7% -9.1%
VW/Audi 45,702 42,500 51,420 7.5% -11.1%
Industry 1,317,738 1,365,756 1,519,093 -3.5% -13.3%

*NOTE: October 2017 had 25 selling days, October 2016 had 26 and September 2017 had 26.

Edmunds estimates that retail SAAR will come in at 14.6 million vehicles in October 2017, with fleet transactions accounting for 17.1% of total sales. An estimated 3.2 million used vehicles will be sold in October 2017, for a SAAR of 38.9 million (compared to 3.2 million—or a SAAR of 38.8 million—in September).


Market Share October 2017 Forecast October 2016 September 2017 Change from October 2016 Change from September 2017
GM 18.2% 18.9% 18.4% -0.7% -0.2%
Ford 14.9% 13.7% 14.6% 1.2% 0.3%
Toyota 14.5% 13.6% 14.9% 0.9% -0.4%
Fiat Chrysler 12.0% 12.9% 11.5% -0.9% 0.6%
Honda 9.4% 9.2% 9.4% 0.1% 0.0%
Nissan 8.2% 8.3% 9.2% -0.2% -1.1%
Hyundai/Kia 7.6% 8.2% 7.2% -0.6% 0.3%
VW/Audi 3.5% 3.1% 3.4% 0.4% 0.1%

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    It’s a really great article showing sales volume forecast how its changing every month. Great research work done by you Edmunds. But i think if someone wants to increase their sales they can take help of BDC consultants to convert their leads in to conversions.


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