Autobytel Extends Popular Email Manager Campaigns to all Online Lead Sources

Email Manager Deluxe to Help Dealers Close Prospects from OEMs, Third-parties and Dealership Websites Across Lengthening Purchase Cycle
Orlando, Florida – February 14, 2010 — Autobytel Inc. (Nasdaq: ABTL), a leader in providing online consumer leads and marketing services to the auto industry, today announced the extension of its highly successful Email Managersm program to all online leads, regardless of source. Now, Autobytel member dealers can apply the benefits of Email Manager’s customized campaigns to leads from OEMs, their own websites and other third-parties at no extra cost — and without having to engage multiple vendors.
Email Manager is specifically designed to help auto dealers easily, consistently and cost-effectively interact with today’s car-buyer across a lengthening purchase cycle — one that has doubled since 2001, according to CNW Research. The program consistently achieves high open rates, helping dealers solidify relationships with those customers who take longer to decide.
 “Communicating with today’s less-decisive car-buyer first, faster and longer is critical to closing a sale which is why Email Manager has proved to be so popular with our member dealers,” said Autobytel COO Mark Garms. “In a resource-challenged environment, juggling multiple email vendors for each lead source takes valuable time away from what dealers do best, build customer relationships and sell cars. Our dealers have asked us to apply the advantages of Email Manager across the board, whether a lead comes from Ford, other third-parties, or their own website. Autobytel listened and Email Manager Deluxe delivers.”
Email Manager currently sends out nearly 200,000 branded, customized emails a month for Autobytel Member Dealers and has an open rate over 50% higher than traditional email campaigns. The program is one of several highly effective “lead treatments” included with Autobytel’s new car lead program for dealers and is the only product in the industry to feature real-time “Dealer Alerts” sent as soon as a consumer opens or clicks on any of the links in the email. This important feature increases sales effectiveness and efficiency by enabling dealers to communicate with a potential car buyer precisely at the point when that consumer is engaged with a campaign email – and armed with knowledge of the consumer’s specific vehicle interest and place in the buying cycle.
Garms noted that – in combination with the company’s just announced Quality Advantage and iControl programs – Email Manager Deluxe is part of Autobytel’s mission to create a new standard for third-party leads that 1. Provides dealers with greater control and 2. Enables the best of its value-added programs and lead treatments to apply to all online leads, at no extra cost, regardless of source.
How Email Manager Deluxe Works
Email Manager is used by the majority of Autobytel dealers to follow-up and help close customers who take longer to decide. It is automated, easy-to-use and generates a unique, dealership-branded and appealing email for each phase of the critical 90-day decision-to-purchase cycle.
  • Email Manager campaigns are automatically deployed on a strategic 5, 10, 15, 30, 45, 60, and 90 day cycle, timed from the date the customer first submits a Purchase Request.
  • Each email is dealership-branded and customized by vehicle type and by the consumer’s position in the buying cycle.
  • Each email covers issues relevant to the car buyers (vehicle information, trade-ins, lease vs. buy, safety features, etc.).
  • Dealers receive real-time notification reports when a consumer engages with an email, including opens, website click-throughs, and survey responses to update the dealer on the consumer’s buying status are instantly alerted by email when a customer clicks on the email campaign.
About Autobytel
Autobytel Inc. (NASDAQ: ABTL), a leading automotive marketing services company, pioneered the automotive Internet when it launched in 1995. Since then, the company has helped tens of millions of automotive consumers research vehicles; connected thousands of dealers nationwide with motivated car buyers, and helped every major automaker market its brand online. Today, through its flagship website®, its network of automotive sites including®,®, Car.comsm,®,®, and,® and its respected online partners, Autobytel continues its dedication to innovating the industry’s highest quality Internet programs to provide consumers with a comprehensive and positive automotive research and purchasing experience, and auto dealers, dealer groups and auto manufacturers with one of the industry’s most productive and cost-effective customer referral and marketing programs.



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