Autobytel’s 15th Anniversary of the Internet Dealership Survey Results

A Dealer’s Highest Performing Marketing Tactic
Dealers cited being able ‘to reach/sell to customers beyond their immediate market’ as a key advantage of the Internet, as well as the fact that it is ‘a more cost-efficient and targeted medium than traditional media like TV & radio.’
Major Increases in Internet Spend Over Last 5 Years
Ninety-three percent of dealers have increased their Internet marketing budgets in the last five years, according to the survey, with more than half (56%) boosting their Internet budgets by 50% or more; and a third (31%) by 100% or more.
Dealer Marketing Budgets to Increase – and Migrate Further Online – in 2010
Ninety-five percent of dealers are either increasing their 2010 marketing spend (56%) or holding firm on 2009 spend (39%).  And the Internet will be the biggest beneficiary of these new investments: 69.5% plan to increase their Internet spend this year. Dealers’ traditional media spend (TV, radio, print) tells a different story: 30.5% plan decreases, 48.5% to hold firm, and only 21% plan increases.
Third-Party Lead Providers: First to the ‘Online Party,’ and Still Critical
Third-party leads continue to provide benefit to dealers for the following reasons, according to 93% of those surveyed:
·         Having ‘control over what I spend/how many leads I’m guaranteed to get’
·         ‘Because so many consumers use 3rd-party research websites I’m able to capture ready-to-buy car shoppers’
·         ‘They’re cost-efficient and measurable’
·         ‘They enable me to expand my reach across Web’
Nearly nine out of ten (87%) believe in using a ‘mix’ of leads from their own website and independent lead partners to ‘cover their online bases.’
More Info: For detailed survey findings, or to speak to an Autobytel representative, please contact: Jim Helberg, Autobytel Inc., 949-307-4357, or Melanie Webber, mWEBB Communications, 949.307.1723,



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