’s AVA Brings Artificial Intelligence to the Auto Dealership

We see a lot of new technologies come across our desks here, but every once in a while we see one that is making a big difference in the automobile sales process and has the potential to shape the future of automobile sales. New artificial intelligence technology developed by promises to be one of those technologies that makes a big impact in the industry: it’s called AVA the Automated Virtual Assistant. AVA was released in October, 2009; several hundred dealers are already using it and AVA is creating quite a buzz among industry experts. Brian Hall, President of BlueSky Marketing Group, tells us that, “Over the last 20 years, we’ve implemented many other processes to help dealers convert more leads to sales, but I’ve never seen anything produce results like this—AVA increased the response rate on these leads by over 200%.”


Every salesperson dreams of having a personal assistant, right? Someone to sift through the constant stream of leads and hand you a daily schedule of preset appointments with the hottest prospects. Someone who could weed out the morale-busting, mood-killing, bad leads, and save you from those nasty, negative responses that can kill your morning. Someone who could save you from wasting time leaving messages and sending emails and free you up to do what you do best: face to face interactions with customers and closing deals.


AVA is not designed to replace the sales or BDC staff. AVA is designed to help them perform to their full potential. Having AVA is like doubling your staff because everyone has their own personal assistant working behind the scenes to engage their leads, identify the hand-raisers, and bubble up the hottest prospects—working every lead until they buy or die. AVA alerts the salesperson with an email and/or text message as soon as a lead gets ‘bubbled up’ or re-engaged. AVA doesn’t eat, sleep, or take breaks, so she can work thousands of new leads each month, while continuing to follow up with all of last month’s leads that are still in play. AVA continues to work unresponsive leads long after a salesperson or BDC could, due to limited time and overwhelming workload. While these time constraints and heavy workloads may prevent staff from continuing to follow up with every lead that hasn’t responded, AVA can continue to politely, pleasantly, and persistently attempt to engage every single lead until they buy or die.


Jeremiah Bland, internet director for McCarthy Chevrolet, was one of the first automobile dealers to pioneer this new technology and has been using it since October, 2009. When asked about his experience with the technology, Jeremiah says, “Ava has been an amazing benefit to our internet department ensuring that all inquiries are responded to. I am amazed at how many people call in asking for her and complimenting how helpful she has been. Thanks AVA for helping our internet department set new store records in sales!”


AVA works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This guarantees a prompt response to all inquiries and new leads. AVA not only engages the customer, but is able to interpret customers’ responses and respond appropriately. This allows AVA to keep the customer engaged, communicating back and forth through multiple emails. It also allows AVA to gather additional information from the consumer, such as cell phone number, and to schedule a phone appointment for the salesperson. AVA keeps the dialog going and the customer engaged during times when the sales staff is unavailable or the store is closed. If someone fills out a request for a quote at 10:00 at night, and you have the next day off, when you come back, your customer has already had a conversation with your assistant, keeping them engaged with you and your dealership and keeping them from going to someone at another dealership. More importantly, the customer has already had a positive experience with your pleasant, polite, professional personal assistant. Results of a pilot study involving more than 100,000 leads showed that lead response rate increased more than 270% with AVA.


AVA never has personal problems that affect her mood or job performance and, even when dealing with the most challenging customer, she remains positive and never gets discouraged. Customers start out with a positive impression of you and your dealership. By the time you get on the phone with a customer, they’re not only expecting to speak with you, they’re looking forward to it. This not only frees up the salesperson’s time, but improves morale by eliminating the harsh negative responses.


Tiffany, from Auto Pros says, “It’s like magic! AVA works every lead in a timely, professional manner and makes it easy for me to quickly identify my hot leads. Without a doubt, AVA helps me convert more leads to sales!”


The set up process is surprisingly simple. It takes about a day to get set up and all the salesperson has to do is set their CRM to forward a copy of their leads to AVA. There is no set up fee, no long-term contracts, and is offering a risk-free trial for dealers that sign up during the month of April. You can even continue your normal process while AVA works in the background bubbling up the hottest prospects, identifying the hand-raisers in the crowd, and nurturing unresponsive leads until they are engaged with you. AutoFerret offers an unprecedented no-risk, no-questions-asked, 100% satisfaction guarantee: “If for any reason, you are unsatisfied, just give us a call and we’ll cancel the service and tear up the bill!”





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