AutoMap Inventory Tracking Service Boosts Customer Satisfaction, Decreases Audit Times, and Increases Sales Opportunities

Portland, ORJune 27, 2017 — AutoMap, the leading inventory tracking and audit solution for dealerships, today introduced their AutoMap Car Finder solution. Now dealer sales teams, management, and auditors are able to find any vehicle in their inventory across multiple lots in seconds. The solution decreases staff frustration, eliminates customer waiting times, and accelerates floor audits and sales.

Here’s how it works—a Bluetooth-enabled onboard diagnostics device (OBD) chip is attached to each vehicle, a simple setup that takes less than 30 seconds per vehicle. Once the device is enabled, each vehicle’s location is broadcast to the main software site, or AutoMap app on mobile, for tracking. Once all vehicles are tagged, dealership staff can instantly search inventory by VIN, stock number, or model, across multiple lots on their computer or smartphone through the AutoMap mobile app.

“With the amount of research customers are doing online before they enter the showroom, they often know the exact vehicle they want before stepping foot on the lot. So it becomes a huge frustration for them when a sales associate can’t quickly locate the vehicle they’re looking for and offer a test drive or deliver their car. Using AutoMap, anyone at the dealership can find the exact vehicle the customer is looking for in seconds and eliminate this timely part of the sales process, increasing customer satisfaction and furthering the sale,” said Mark Sargeant, director of sales and marketing for AutoMap.

The OBDs installed are specially engineered for the harshest climates and have virtually no impact on vehicle batteries due to their low power draw. AutoMap also offers the system to auction houses and lenders.

“Often we would have a customer here, ready to take ownership of a vehicle and we have several lots, so the salesperson was not exactly sure where that vehicle was. In the past we would be lucky to have a salesperson sell one vehicle in a day. Now I’ve got some salespeople selling three to four vehicles a day because they’re able to type in the stock number and instantly find the car,” said Eric Smith, general manager, Dave Smith Motors.

For more information on AutoMap and their inventory tracking and auditing solutions, please visit or call 503-707-9574.

About AutoMap

AutoMap is the leading inventory tracking and audit solution for dealerships across the United States. Once a low-powered onboard diagnostic device (OBD) chip in installed in each vehicle, a 30-second process, managers are able to track all vehicles across multiple lots on their computers or smartphones using the AutoMap app. Instant tracking and auditing helps dealership staff sell more cars, increase customer satisfaction, accelerate the auditing process and monitor all vehicles in inventory. You can find out more about AutoMap at

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