AutoMap Inventory Tracking Service Hits 40,000 Vehicles Tracked

Portland, OR —  August 22, 2017 — AutoMap, the leading inventory tracking and audit solution for dealerships, today announced their AutoMap Car Finder solution now has more than 40,000 inventory vehicles tracked in the system.

Through AutoMap, a Bluetooth-enabled onboard diagnostics device (OBD) chip is attached to each vehicle, a simple set-up that takes less than 30 seconds per vehicle. Once the device is enabled, each vehicle’s location is broadcast to the main software site, or AutoMap app on mobile, for tracking.

Inventory is one area getting more attention as companies across the board look for ways to take back lost opportunities and increase operational efficiencies.

According to a recent study by Wasp Barcode, a shocking 46% of SMBs either don’t track inventory or use a manual method. However, the tides seems to be shifting, with Motorola estimating 67% of warehouses planning to use mobile devices to manage inventory.

“With more than 40,000 vehicles tracked, and growing, its clear dealerships are looking for a simple tracking solution for their increased inventory needs,” said Mark Sargeant, director of sales and marketing for AutoMap. “Our customers say AutoMap helps them move customers faster to the point of sale due to the time saved searching for vehicles.”

Unlike other tracking systems on the market today, the AutoMap OBDs installed have virtually no impact on vehicle batteries due to their low power draw. AutoMap also offers the system to auction houses.

“Our dealers are finding that by installing the chips in their vehicles, they decrease wait times, increase efficiency, and are alerted to potential problems like fuel issues and dead batteries before they arise,” said Sargeant.

For more information on AutoMap and their inventory tracking and auditing solutions, please visit or call 503-707-9574.

About AutoMap

AutoMap is the leading inventory tracking and audit solution for dealerships across the United States. Once a low-powered onboard diagnostic device (OBD) chip in installed in each vehicle, a 30-second process, managers are able to track all vehicles across multiple lots on their computers or smartphones using the AutoMap app. Instant tracking and auditing helps dealership staff sell more cars, increase customer satisfaction, accelerate the auditing process and monitor all vehicles in inventory. You can find out more about AutoMap at

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