Automotive Chat Leader Announces Top 15 Most Talked About Fuel Efficient Vehicles

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Topping the list are the Toyota Prius, Lexus CT 200h and Chevrolet Volt.

Alpharetta, GA. October 25, 2011—Contact At Once! (, the leading chat provider to the automotive industry, today named the top 15 fuel efficient vehicles chatted about across its Dealer Chat Network. The list order is based upon the number of times a specific vehicle was mentioned by car shoppers as they conducted online chats with car dealers across America from May 2011 through September 2011.

The Contact At Once! Dealer Chat Network is comprised of major listing sites like,,, and, as well as over 9,000 car dealers across the United States. As shoppers search for vehicles on the websites of these dealers and listing services in the network, a “Chat Now” icon displays allowing shoppers the opportunity to anonymously ask questions about vehicles with sales people in real-time.

“People prefer text-based communications,” said Contact At Once! founder and executive vice president, Marc Hayes. Referencing a 2010 Nielson study which showed that text message eclipsed phone calls by 35%. “That number highlights the preference, but there is also a growing desire of the shopper to feel a sense of control over the car-buying experience, and to shield themselves from high-pressure sales tactics. Buying a car is a tremendous financial commitment for most Americans, so online chat is a very appealing option for those seeking immediate information while maintaining their privacy.”

Car dealers are also benefitting from adding dealer chat software to their sales and marketing mix. “Group-wide, out of the 4,800+ cars our internet department sold last year, 10-12% came as a direct result of Contact At Once! chat,” notes Wayne Ussery Director, Information Technology and Manager of Atlanta’s Jim Ellis Dealership Group.

As the economy has tightened and fuel prices continue to rise, Americans are naturally motivated to save money at the fuel pump. Fuel efficient vehicles, as defined by the US Department of Energy’s website, are gaining in popularity as a result.

The Top 15 Most Talked About Fuel Efficient Vehicles

  1. Toyota Prius

  2. Lexus CT 200h

  3. Chevrolet Volt

  4. Honda CR-Z

  5. Nissan Leaf

  6. Toyota Camry Hybrid

  7. Ford Escape Hybrid

  8. Honda Civic Hybrid

  9. Porsche Cayenne Hybrid

  10. Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

  11. Toyota Highlander Hybrid

  12. Ford Fusion Hybrid

  13. Lexus HS 250h

  14. Nissan Altima Hybrid

  15. Kia Optima Hybrid

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