AVA Brings Back the Leads Your Salesperson Thought Were Lost Forever

Remember the good old days when consumers would see a car they like on television, or in a magazine, or in the newspaper? If they wanted to find out more about that car, they had to visit a dealership to get all the info like features and price.

Now when something triggers their interest in a vehicle, they research on the internet, or visit a dealer’s website to find out everything they ever wanted to know about any vehicle in the world. That means that as a dealer, you may not see the customer until they are near the very end of the sales funnel.

However, the customer often does make contact in the form of a lead coming through your website or other lead delivery systems you use. Most dealers don’t realize how many leads, that could buy a car, are disappearing to buy elsewhere ,because the sales staff simply can’t follow the number of leads.

For example, if one of your salespeople receives 10 leads per day, 22 days per month, they are following 220 leads by the end of the month. If you consider that buyer are now taking up to four months to make a car purchase that is 880 leads! (220 leads per month x 4 months = 880 leads)

Salespeople simply can’t follow that many leads. So what ends up happening is that most sales people stop chasing people after one month and they move on. This fact results in hundreds of leads disappearing into cyberspace. This is lost money for every dealer in the country.

So…if the internet has created all these internet lead opportunities, what is the solution to the problem? The solution is that dealers need a credible way to follow 880 leads, per salesperson every four months.

One company appearing at NADA, “AVA” has solution to this problem that may help dealers save many of the hundreds of leads they are losing. The AVA system is a form of military grade artificial intelligence that pursues your dealerships leads via email. AVA has ongoing conversations with your leads and keeps track of which leads are still in the market, which leads are ready to make an appointment at your dealership, and can follow hundreds of leads at a time. Once your lead agrees to come in to the dealership, AVA notifies your salesperson that the customer is ready to come in, and your salesperson can call the customer, schedule an appointment and make the sale. AVA also pursues long term shoppers over months with the goal of making them a buying customer. AVA also offers a “reengage program,” which goes out to lost customers (lost leads) and attempts to bring them back to the dealership to buy a car. You can imagine the shock when AVA brings in a sale that the dealership thought was lost four months ago.

If you want to hear more about AVA, call AutoFerret at 800-724-0165 and tell them, “I want to meet AVA!”

Brett Stevenson


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