BDC vs. Sales Floor

Does your sales staff communicate effectively with your internet/BDC department? If you are like a lot of dealers the chances are that the answer is no. I have worked as an internet director in a few dealerships over the years, where I experienced these same problems. Nowadays, I work with dealerships nationally on a training and consulting level, and I still see the same problems arise. So, how do we fix this common problem?


I learned from my previous dealer about the power of having mandatory weekly meetings. I am talking about sales meetings with sales managers, sales consultants, internet/bdc coordinators, and the internet director. The meeting needs to be mandatory and held once a week. These sales meetings need to be a half hour to an hour long with the purpose of uniting the two departments together.


The meeting must cover any news or updates in the dealership regarding advertisements and store policies. If there is an advertisement running for that weekend, there needs to be a customized script or outline created for the BDC so that the calls are answered properly. This advertisement needs to be reviewed in this meeting so that everyone is on the same page when speaking to customers.


The biggest goal of this meeting is to allow both departments to see how they operate. The way to do this is to role play around the room the phone scripts using coordinators and sales staff. Also, it is important to role play the sales process of how the customer will be handled once they arrive to the showroom. It is important that sales consultants and sales managers know what is being said on the phones and how it is being said. Why? Because, it makes a smooth transition from speaking on the phone with one person to working in the showroom with another. When the customer comes in and works with a sales consultant, there will never be a “he said, she said” situation because the sales representative will know what is being said on the phone and will have the knowledge to check the notes of the conversation in the CRM.


What will these meetings do to your people?


These meetings should boost morale in the dealership; these meetings need to be positive and motivational at the same time. While these meetings are serious, people still need to laugh and enjoy being in that conference room for almost an hour. It is a great idea to have bagels and coffee in the room for breakfast. One of the most powerful things I did at the dealership was taking pictures and videos at these meetings for memories. We need to understand that people love memories and they appreciate being remembered. There is nothing more rewarding then to look at them one year later and remember how effective these meetings were.


As the communication improves in the dealership by implementing this practice, both departments will work together. The sales staff in the dealership will start to see value in the internet department and will only show respect as they will realize that the BDC is there to help them make money. When you motivate and lead your people by building value in the right processes, you will only see positive change.


Let’s face it, when I left my last dealership I had sales consultants that were sad about me leaving, because of how I ran my department. This is the effect that needs to happen in your dealership right now. If you are not having the success that you desire in your sales and BDC department performance, it is a great idea to consider how the departments communicate with one another.


Stan Sher is the national sales director for Dealer Synergy Inc. For more information, please feel free to call 888-379-6374 or email




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