Just Because You Can Do Something, Doesn't Mean You Should

Written by Maxwell. D. Skynard. Posted in Online Marketing

When its time to update your Web presence, remember: Just because you can do something, doesnt mean you should! Do your best to take the users perspective to evaluate whether or not each bell and whistle is worth it. Users will reward you with their business if you look at your Website from

their perspective!

Ironically, the users experience is often the most overlooked component when building a Website. Because Website priority lists usually focus on products and services as you know them, the users experience is often overlooked. This is incredibly unfortunate and unbeneficial, because the user ultimately determines the quality and value of your Website-not you.


We have to begin thinking about everything on our Websites from the users perspective. Yes, sites must look attractive to the market, but for most Internet users, function is more important than form. Users judge your site primarily based on its ability to help them solve their problems. Make sure that visitors can find what theyre looking for quickly and easily. Make sure that all links and content are relevant and helpful to your market. If theyre not, they need to go. Eliminate unnecessary links and content. Distill all pages, especially the home page, down to

their essence.

When thinking about the users experience, keep one thing in mind: Just because something is available, doesnt mean you should use it. We always want to add the newest, glitziest Web features to our sites. We should, however, always take a step back and think about how the extra bells and whistles would actually benefit our users. If a new feature doesnt benefit the user, it doesnt belong on the Website-no matter how cool we think it looks! New features that increase your sites load time for example, can mean the difference between a new life-long customer and a lost could have been customer.

The more elements you display, the longer it takes for your Website to load on a users computer. A normal suggested load time is 2.9 seconds. When a load time exceeds this optimal target time (well say three seconds), tenths of seconds can make or break your Websites effectiveness. There is nothing more frustrating to a user than waiting for a site to load. When your site takes longer to load than users expect, your abandonment rate skyrockets. Abandonment equals lost opportunities to create loyal relationships.

Your Website is for your visitors, not for you. Design it for them and youll:

1) Get more visitors

2) Increase lead generation

3) Increase sales

If car buyers cant find what they want quickly and easily, they will leave your site and go straight to your competitors.

Maxwell D. Skynard is Dealerskins' representative for the International Association of Frustrated Internet Professionals. Dealerskins is a premier automotive Web development firm. Contact Max at 877-707-5467 x2 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .