Gamification: What Every Auto Dealer Needs to Know

Written by Adam Hollander. Posted in Sales Training

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Gamification has become a real buzzword over the last few years, and that’s true in the auto industry as well. The idea of applying game mechanics to incent behavior and boost sales is appealing—even as the auto sales in the United States and abroad continue to climb. That’s because there’s a lot of competition, consumers have multiple touch-points and buyers still rate their auto buying experiences as less than ideal Add a comment

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Five Keys to a More Professional Sales Force

Written by Troy Harrison. Posted in Sales Training

Carbon kevlar Number Five

I’ll never forget Gene. Gene was a salesman at the Ford dealership where I had my first job in selling. Gene was a veteran. He’d worked at that dealership for 25 years. Gene never took an “up” at the front door. He didn’t have to. He filled his days with pre-set appointments with referrals, past customers, and family members of past customers. Gene averaged 20-25 units per month Add a comment

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