Why do Most Digital Marketing Managers Fail?

Written by Glenn Pasch. Posted in Sales Training

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I find it interesting that many businesses still are not aware of the impact digital marketing has on their bottom line; many feel they have a website and that is enough. I see companies checking off the box, saying “I am doing social media” or “I am doing SEO” without really understanding what is at stake when they do not do this type of marketing correctly Add a comment

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Has Any Customer Ever Said They Wanted to Buy this Way?

Written by Troy Harrison. Posted in Sales Training

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It’s been over 20 years since I was a car salesman. I loved being a car salesman, and I was good at it. Still, I left the business. One reason that I left was that I got tired of selling against my customers’ wishes. I’m not talking about selling my customers cars that they didn’t want, and I’m not talking about pushing people into things. I’m talking about the most customer-unfriendly part of the car buying experience—what I call the “desk dance.” Add a comment

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What's the Secret to Winning Customers? Spend Less Time

Written by Clint Burns. Posted in Sales Training

time management concept clock closeup isolated on white background with red and black words

No, the title is not a typo. We work with hundreds of dealerships and have key analytics on every single showroom transaction that happens within these dealerships. As we walk through the data with managers to help improve their productivity each month, it’s worth noting that the most successful dealerships all have one thing in common—their sales staff spends a certain amount of time per day without customers Add a comment

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