Blogging—a New Weapon for Internet Marketing

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The main motive of marketing is to promote services or products and generate sales. Every promotion involves inundating the prospective customers with scads of information. This information makes an impact only when presented in a presentable manner to the audiences. In a world where everything revolves around presentation techniques, and description, the power of blogging still remains underestimated.

Some time back, promotional descriptions were just limited themselves to a few advertising lines that included catchy slogans and humor. The growth of marketing and advertising world resulted in these descriptions taking a center stage. With almost all companies embracing this technique of promotion these catchy words or phrases started losing out on authenticity and became more intrusive.

Today however, consumers have become selective. They value informative, not intrusive, marketing. Amid all these developments, blogging has appeared as another deadly weapon to dent competition and generate sales. Read along to know how to make blogging turn the tide in your favor, while successfully denting competition:

Choose powerful words

Words have the power to unleash overwhelmingly strong emotions in your audiences. You can directly convert your words to sales, by using them in the right manner. Recent studies have shown that there are certain ‘power sales words’ that appeal to most audiences. Go on to cherry-pick some of the following power sales words to achieve the best results on the internet:

  1. Revolutionary- Revolutionary in itself is a very powerful word, which evokes a ‘ground-breaking’ feeling inside most readers.

  2. Exclusive- Exclusive is another flattering word that fans the ego of your prospective customers. While blogging make it a point to develop interpersonal relationships with your readers and work towards wooing them with ‘exclusive’ deals.

  3. Help me- People have usually underestimated the power of ‘Help me’ in their blogs. These words help develop a connection with audiences and make you immensely popular and successful at your marketing strategy.

Make your blog information-rich

Most people have a tendency to read blogs that are information-rich. If your blogs provide readers with information, you’re likely to have an effective impact on them. These readers will hence, start valuing your recommendations. You are likely to be successful in promoting your websites in a better manner, with properly streamlined information.

Be unique and creative

One of the proven strategies of being more popular is to be unique and creative. Work on your creative ideas, and effectively communicate yourself to create an impact. You can even use a humorous way to present your opinion.

Avoid a sales-pitch

Having a sales-pitch while communicating your ideas can result in disastrous repercussions. Be neutral and focus on sharing valuable information. This will not only help in pleasing your audiences, but also help you gain their trust.

Create suspense, and yet do not withhold information

While it is essential to impart valuable information while blogging, it is also essential to remember that you need to create suspense and leave your audiences thinking. Make it a point to avoid withholding information, but also avoid letting it all off in a single go. You need to be very careful about what you say, in every context. It is also advisable to develop a proper balance and work on a proper content strategy.

Develop inter-personal relationships

Make it a point to communicate with your audiences and interact with them on a regular basis. This will not only help you get valuable feedback, but also make you more accessible as a company. You can always prepare a B2B Sales blog and ask for feedback on a regular basis. Value every feedback and opinion in a positive manner.

It is important to remember that blogging while marketing any particular website is different from blogging otherwise. Leave out a personal bias and never put down any product or service while expressing yourself. Blogging can truly be your secret weapon for success in internet marketing if used in a proper manner. Team up your efforts in a balanced way, so that your opinions are backed up with greater visibility on the Internet.

Abhishek Bhan is an avid blogger, marketing strategist and social media addict. He is currently working for Lead Creation as a business strategist covering the major issues like social media, e-commerce, B2B marketing strategies. He also loves to travel and blog about his views regarding the new marketing strategies.

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