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The viewership of online videos has been growing exponentially for a few years now and it shows no sign of slowing down. Google has even retooled their algorithm, so that video is on top of the search results for many search queries. Why did Google make video such a prominent part of their search results? Simple, because that’s what consumers want, and it presents a golden opportunity for you to take business away from your local brand competition with targeted online video SEO.

One dealership targeting a local competing brand is WIN Chevy, in the City of Carson, CA, which is in the greater Los Angeles area bordering larger, more densely populated cities like Long Beach (estimated almost 500,000 people). Vince Nguyen, marketing and business development manager at WIN Chevy says, “Since implementing a targeted online video SEO marketing strategy six months ago, WIN Chevy has moved upon four spots in their Chevy dealer market area, which is amongst the most competitive and largest in the United States. We started using short model comparison videos that highlight a specific Chevy model’s features against the competing Ford model, and then finish each video with information highlighting the advantages of buying a vehicle at WIN Chevy. Each video is custom-made and targeted toward different keyword search variations that car buyers may type into the Google search box in their local market area. This gives us greater reach of local customers using sight, sound and motion to convey a competitive ad message.”

The screenshot example shown here is for the search phrase “2012 FORD TAURUS LONG BEACH”, which shows WIN Chevy having two videos on the top portion of this page one Google search result. Typically, dealer websites don’t have any page one listings in organic search for “year, plus brand, plus model” combinations, because there are only third-party lead provider links and third-party listing site links for these keyword search terms. With the use of keyword phrases of three words or more increasing at 20 percent year over year, making short, high-quality, individual model videos is a fast and effective way to gain first page placement against the growing set of keyword terms where your website may be lacking.

In addition, Google says that 20 percent of all search terms typed in each day are new and unique. This indicates that car buyers are getting more comfortable with the technology and are being more descriptive in what they are seeking to find quicker, more accurate results. Targeting current popular keywords and investing in first page Google real estate listings for the future is a great way to have your dealership’s online presence be found today and into the future. The battle for market share between brands such as Chevy and Ford has been going on for decades. Now, with 90 percent of a car buyer’s time spent reviewing research data on a digital screen, and only 10 percent of their time spent on traditional media like radio, newspaper, and print (statistics from the 2012 Google Cross-Platform study), the fight for the eyeballs is even greater!

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