Breaking Through the Clutter with Your Television Commercials

One of the toughest things about running television advertising is figuring out how to stand out among the tremendous number of commercials that are running on TV. You know, from watching TV, that similar television commercials all seem the same after a while. One dealership ad is the same as another dealership ad. The kiss of death in advertising is for the consumer to see your ad and forget it seconds after it runs.


And then along comes “Carl the Monkey.” Carl is a very expressive Orangutan that will make you laugh and make you remember his commercial long after it airs. This syndicated set of Carl commercials includes 15 different commercials, all using the same theme to allow a dealership to create a memorable image of humor. The set of commercials is available as a two-year license for exclusive use in your television market. Once your dealership signs up as the Carl dealership in your market, no one else can run the spots in your market.


Perhaps the best benefit of the Carl commercials is the price. The entire set of 15 commercials, ready-to-tag with your dealership’s info and logo is just $995 for the two-year license. For dealerships concerned with television production costs and how to deal with the bland “sameness” of car commercials, these Carl commercials may be the perfect solution. If you would like to view the Carl commercials, log on to For more information, call Michael toll free at 1-888-385-7526 or email him at




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