Build a Powerhouse Sales Team in 15 Minutes a Day

Sales managers constantly fight the battle of the urgent versus the important, particularly in an environment where the urgent tends to dominate the day. The good news is that developing a powerhouse sales team is about quality time more than quantity time.


The 15-minute coaching plan is broken up into three five-minute blocks of time during various parts of the day:


Morning Block: Motivation Focus


The five-minute morning block is dedicated to the “Daily Huddle.” This motivation-centered, all-hands-on-deck meeting serves as a grounding focal point for the day. No administrative issues, no barking about sales quotas, no complaining, just 100 percent pure motivation.


The huddle does not require you to do your best Richard Simmons impersonation. You don’t need to be Ziglar-esque to pull this off. You just need to make sure that everything on your mini-agenda passes the positivity test. Here are some suggested elements:


·         Kudos to sales reps for their success.


·         Positive customer comments or letters.


·         Success quotes with a very brief discussion on application.


·         Restating the company vision or mission.


·         Quick tip of the day.


·         The Daily Star award (from the previous day).


Be creative in defining your own Daily Huddle. Just make sure it is no longer than five minutes and is 100 percent positive.


Midday Block: Technique Focus


Technique plateaus are dangerous to both the salesperson and the company. The five-minute midday block comes in the form of a technique-centered email.


Pick a topic from your own experience, from the myriad of training books, or from this training-centered issue of Dealer Marketing Magazine. Narrow it down to a bite-sized email, ensuring that there is a very specific call to action. The sales professional must know exactly how to implement the technique (in practice or in an actual presentation). For example, you can send an email requesting that in the very next prospect conversation the salesperson should be asking about the prospect’s buying motivation in the first two minutes of the conversation.


Ask your salespeople to reply to the email indicating that they have read it, they understand it, and they are committed to using it.


Afternoon Block: Accountability Focus


Finally, the afternoon block consists of five, one-minute accountability conversations with randomly selected salespeople as you determine how they have utilized the daily technique either in a practice session or in working with a customer. This will be a very brief coaching session, so stay focused on the topic. Simply ask the salesperson, “Today’s focus is to determine the prospect’s motivation in the first two minutes of the conversation. Tell me exactly what you asked to determine that, when you asked it, and how the prospect responded.”


It’s All About Impact


Think about this coaching plan from the perspective of a sales professional: a good healthy dose of motivation in the morning, a midday pick-me-up with a strong technique focus to get through the day, and an afternoon one-on-one coaching session to help improve all the more. The potential impact is significant, and all for a 15-minute daily investment.


Jeff Shore ( is a contemporary expert in sales management, and one of the most sought-after trainers in the country today. He provides training and consulting expertise to companies large and small across North America. Jeff is the author of three books, including Deal With It! Mastering 21 Tough Sales Challenges.




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