Building and Maintaining Your Online Reputation—It Matters!

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When you’re looking to build up the customer base for your car dealership, the way you’re perceived on the internet is of the utmost importance. Establishing and maintaining a positive reputation online could be the difference between selling quality automobiles on a regular basis and receiving a negative business evaluation that could follow you around for years. Here are some practical ways to make sure that you and your car dealership staff are just as engaging, friendly and trustworthy online as you are in person.

Search Yourself on Google

Look up your business name on Google to see what people are looking at when they find you. If you see something questionable, like a Facebook or Twitter post or picture that you don’t want anyone to see, remove it immediately. Chances are this was posted months or even years ago, but potential customers will still use the item to evaluate your character.

For instance, make sure there are high-quality pictures of each of the cars on your lot so that it doesn’t appear that you are attempting to hide anything. If there are public records that show up when you search your business name on Google and you have settled the matter, be ready to explain the situation to your potential customers should the issue come up during a business transaction.

Encourage Interaction

As a business owner, it’s important to encourage present and prospective customers to interact with you often. Leave spaces on your social networking pages for clients to leave feedback on cars they have purchased, and answer their questions about vehicles promptly. This shows that you have nothing to hide, and that you’re committed to providing the best service possible, whether online or in person.

Exercise Discretion

Even though your blogs and social network pages are yours, they can still be seen by everyone with an internet connection. Keep this in mind when you’re working to establish an upstanding reputation for your automobile dealership. Be very careful what you post online. Inflammatory political or religious messages are also not appropriate for your business pages if you are attempting to appeal to the masses.

Be Decent in Business

Unfortunately, there may be times when a customer has a complaint about your business. The way you handle the complaint will determine whether the customer gives you a bad review online. Always tend to issues promptly and apologize sincerely for any inconvenience. Rectify the wrong with free or discounted car repair or even a public apology or acknowledgment on your website or Facebook page if need be.

News about businesses travels fast—especially online. Make sure that your customers always have something positive to say about your dealership—even after there has been a problem.

Tamiya King is an author who writes on a variety of topics, including health, beauty, fashion, marketing, cooking, and online reputation. Her passion is writing articles that get shared online.

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