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CallRevu is a pioneer in providing automotive dealers meaningful measurement of the entire phone process and its effects on profitability and customer retention. Dealers receive real-time alerts on sales opportunities that otherwise might have eluded them. Interactive text alerts to key managers are sent out when a call is mishandled, allowing for immediate corrections and improvement in processes.

CallRevu’s dashboard and mobile app provide unparalleled visibility of the dealership’s call activities, providing opportunities for coaching while at the same time recognizing successes. Key personnel at automotive dealerships receive weekly and monthly reports from CallRevu, helping to pinpoint department-specific areas of improvement. CallRevu also provides a “hands on” approach with dealers by personally engaging the management team in reviews of the dealership’s progress and insights to further improvement.

Phone calls are your dealership’s “sweet spot” for acquiring and retaining customers. How much more profit could be earned by handling every phone call perfectly at your dealership? Phone opportunities are on the upswing and the full discovery of the phone process and the “caller’s journey” results in more appointments, more in-store opportunities and more transactions for dealers.

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Dealerships who strive for market retention, customer retention and profitability need to focus on each phone call as an opportunity that cannot be lost. The phone call is a direct link to the bottom line. Key managers need actionable business intelligence to correct the “blind spot.” As a pioneer in total call management, CallRevu corrects the phone profit leak with a solid phone strategy.

We Fix the Phone

When dealerships acquire measurable and actionable data, they can transform the phone into a “sweet spot” for results. We’ve spent years perfecting full phone transparency. For the first time dealership employees don’t need to spend hours listening to calls. We identify opportunities as they occur and send details of each call directly to action takers and decision makers.

During the monitoring process we collect the most comprehensive 24-point call data set in the industry, allowing CallRevu to generate metric-driven reporting, while automatically identifying calls that were not added to your CRM solution for lead recovery and follow-up. Dealers who activate CallRevu CRM interaction double or triple the number of phone-ups entered in their CRM system and do so with 100% CRM system business rule adherence.

Results for Increased Profit—Plug the Profit Leaks!

Your total phone process measurement system from CallRevu includes performance metrics, actionable data, and vital feedback for training. Fixing the phone profit leak ensures a profitable future and high customer satisfaction. Focusing on your phones increases the bottom line in your short and long term income.

Identify the potential profit leaks in your number one customer contact point through an implementation of a solid phone process strategy. Whenever a customer is mishandled on the phones the dealership loses profit. Learn to solve process and people issues early on and your bottom line will improve dramatically. Make every call count.

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