What Car Should Buyers Get Their Spouse for Christmas?

Every year, we see commercials over the holidays where cars are wrapped in bows and given as the ultimate Christmas gift. But which car should a shopper buy for his or her loved one? Here are three surprising questions that will help buyers narrow their vehicular gift choices.

The following insights are based on 25,000+ queries that have taken place on CarHub.com’s CarTron quiz, which helps people identify the right car for them.

How you dress is a way for individuals to communicate their identity to others, so several questions on the Cartron quiz asks about fashion habits and preferences. Questions ask whether visitors prefer dressing “cute” or “sophisticated,” whether they think fashion is “fun” or “frivolous,” and whether they dress for “comfort” or “style.”

Other questions asked explicitly about users’ vehicle preferences. By looking at the behavior of people who answered several of these questions at the same time, Carhub.com discovered these relationships between fashion and vehicle preferences.

1. Do they like dressing “cute” or “sophisticated”?

If they like dressing cute, they are slightly (4%) more likely to prefer a dependable car, whereas if they prefer to dress “sophisticated,” they are similarly more likely to prefer a vehicle that makes an impression.

2. Do they think fashion is “fun” or “frivolous”?

If frivolous, then buy them a car that’s more fun to drive versus fun to look at. If they think fashion is fun, then they are 19% more likely to prefer a car that is fun to look at versus one that is fun to drive.

Also, people who think fashion is frivolous are 4% more likely to prefer more practical, reliable vehicles.

3. Do they dress for comfort or for style?

If they dress for comfort, they are 60% more likely to prefer a more dependable vehicle versus one that makes an impression, and 11% more likely want a more family-friendly vehicle. If they dress for style, then they are 29% more likely to prefer an attractive vehicle (versus one that is fun to drive), and 11% more likely to prefer a sophisticated (versus family-friendly) vehicle.

“How you dress and what you drive are both ways that people communicate who they are to the outside world,” said Jesse Toprak, CEO and founder of CarHub.com. “Even those who choose not to care about outward factors are often communicating their preference for function over form, and so it is natural to expect how one dresses to relate to what one prefers to drive.”

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