Car Dealers Can Now Attract New Talent Through Automotive Internship Program (AIP) Announced by PCG Digital Marketing

PCG Digital Marketing, a leading automotive consulting and education firm,has announced the launch of an innovative internship program for car dealers. The Automotive Internship Program (AIP) will provide the skills training to build the next generation of dealership employees in digital marketing and social media.


The Automotive Internship Program will begin new semesters in May with a second semester schedule for September of this year. Three separate 12-week certificate programs will be available in May, and a fourth will be added in the fall.


Each certificate program comes with dealer marketing materials to use at local colleges, universities, and placement offices. The course is a turnkey training solution that includes curriculum handbooks, weekly task planners, live weekly webinars, online best practices library, and will conclude with certification testing.


The four initial certificate programs in the AIP include:


·         Digital Marketing and Social Media Associate


·         Automotive SEO Associate


·         Automotive SEM Associate


·         Automotive Digital Marketing Strategist


The AIP was born out of the current needs of dealers to train and educate the next generation of leaders in Digital Marketing and Social Media. A recent survey of dealership by PCG Digital Marketing revealed that 58 percent of dealers felt that the existing dealership staff did not have the time and skills necessary to sustain a competitive digital marketing strategy.


An astounding 59 percent of dealers had no budget allocated towards education and skills enhancement for their employees.


40 percent of dealers surveyed said that they had considered starting an internship program at their dealership to boost the skills needs to compete as part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Few dealers were successful is starting a program, because they did not have the resources to create approved curriculum or time to train the interns when they arrived.


Brian Pasch, CEO of PCG Digital Marketing, says, “The fact they dealers thought about creating an intern program but could not teach the students or create a curriculum that would be approved by colleges amplifies the problems that dealers are facing attracting new workers. Dealers need to attract young, bright talent into the dealership because the internet is where over 90 percent of consumers shop for a car.” The solution? The Automotive Internship Program.


The AIP will solve the problems dealers face with regards to educating new and current employees with the proper skill set needed to maximize online marketing opportunities.


Some of the highlights of the AIP include:


·         Programs include printed curriculum guides and live instruction


·         Online materials and community forums for support included


·         Dealers receive customized marketing materials to send to local schools


·         Programs offered or beginner and advanced skill levels


·         AIP classes cycles three times a year: January, May, September


·         AIP is affordable and provides tremendous value


The first semester of the AIP kicks off May 2011. All applicants must register by April 15th, 2011 for the May programs. The AIP has a one-time fee of $995 per student and during February 1-7th, dealers can save $200 off the registration fee. This special offer coincides with the 2011 NADA Convention and the 2011 Digital Marketing Strategies Conference.


For more information regarding AIP registration and pricing, please visit


About PCG Digital Marketing


PCG Digital Marketing ( is a full service digital marketing agency that serves the Automotive Industry. PCG is nationally recognized as a leader in Automotive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and automotive digital marketing.

Brian Pasch, CEO and founder of PCG Digital Marketing is an active blogger, writer and speaker at automotive conferences, 20 Groups and digital marketing forums. PCG Digital Marketing is also the creator of the Automotive Website Awards which recognizes the best automotive websites platforms based on their search marketing effectiveness, the Digital Marketing Strategies Conference and Automotive Marketing Boot Camp.





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    Ernest Garcia January 13, 2017

    The AIP will solve the problems dealers face with regards to educating new and current employees with the proper skill set needed to maximize online marketing opportunities.


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