Case Study: How Yelp Ads Can Benefit Dealers

Dealerships can take a cue from local businesses that realize how impactful Yelp can be on their bottom line, and help drive local traffic

“I Was Made For Lovin’ You,” the seminal KISS song, stole the spotlight in a recent Honda Odyssey commercial.

In it, a children’s choir serenades a browsing couple from inside the minivan as club lights flash, singing, “I was made for loving you, baby. You were made for loving me.” The song’s about a partnership that’s mutually beneficial, and that yields astounding results.

The American Honda Motor Company forged a similar partnership with Yelp recently. Honda found that a Yelp Ads campaign resulted in a three times increase in user views to its Yelp Business Pages, and a 63% increase in customer leads, such as mobile calls, website clicks, and mapped directions to the dealerships.

Honda decided to make Yelp a Preferred Marketing Provider after discovering that many of the Yelp Business Pages for its dealerships were lacking important information, such as their hours of operation, phone numbers, and websites. Honda and Yelp also tested the impact of Yelp Ads on three dealerships in the Los Angeles metro area.

The president of one of these dealers, Jeff Christoffel of Honda of Pasadena, emphasized the importance of analytics and tracking tools for the dealership. He said, “An important part of advertising for us is being able to measure it. We like to see the amount of traffic that we can generate, whether it’s phone calls to our service department, leads to our internet department, or walk-in traffic.”

Honda’s test shows how auto dealerships can take a cue from local businesses that have long realized how impactful Yelp can be on their bottom line, and help drive local traffic, too.

Why do dealerships experience such an influx of traffic from Yelp Ads? There are a number of reasons.

  • First, Yelp Ads allow dealerships to target consumers when they’re searching for auto repair or a new or used car dealership nearby. In fact, national businesses that target consumers with Yelp Ads average an 86% increase in directions and map views to their business locations.
  • Second, Yelp Ads appear in a variety of places, including on relevant search result pages and competitor business pages.
  • Finally, since nearly two-thirds of Yelp searches now take place on mobile devices, Yelp offers national businesses the opportunity to attract nearby consumers while they’re on the go. Once a consumer clicks on a Yelp Ad, businesses can direct their next step with a call-to-action button, such as Volvo’s “Reserve Inventory Now.” There’s nothing like having the resources to close the loop with consumers who are actively searching for services and intending to make a purchase.

In addition to increasing traffic, Yelp provides valuable customer feedback for dealerships. Christoffel noted, “One of the nice things about Yelp is it not only drives traffic to the dealership, but it gives us immediate feedback on what our customers think about us.”

By leveraging enterprise tools for managing reviews, Yelp offers national businesses the ability to sort their reviews by rating, date, or “awaiting reply” across locations. This tool enables multilocation businesses to monitor and respond to customer feedback from a centralized dashboard.

Yelp offers products specifically for auto dealership franchise models, with dedicated support for businesses of all shapes and sizes—from small independent dealerships to national OEMs.

Pete Hancock joined Yelp in 2006 as an early member of the sales team. As vice president of national sales, he is responsible for leading Yelp’s efforts with mid-market, franchise, and national accounts. During his time at Yelp, Pete has led key initiatives in local sales, sales training, and office expansion as the company has scaled the sales organization. Interested in learning more about how Yelp can help your dealership? Visit or contact Yelp directly at

Pete Hancock


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