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In the car business, when a potential customer gets behind the wheel and actually drives your vehicle, you are well on your way to selling the car. In most cases, the thrill of driving a new car creates excitement for the potential buyer. As the folks at Test Drive Generator will tell you, their software, installed on your dealership site, will greatly increase the number of potential buyers that schedule a test drive. But, it’s up to you to close the deal during the test drive. One good place to look when you are brushing up on your test drive closing skills is the Kelley Blue Book site. The KBB people have written an article, aimed at private car sellers, on how to sell your own car. Even though it is aimed at private sellers, it’s good for professional sellers to read the article and absorb some of the wisdom.

The steps listed below are simply the bullet points. You need to visit the KBB site to read the details at:

10 Steps to selling your car (from KBB website)

  • Step 1: Communicating with potential buyers
  • Step 2: Car preparation
  • Step 3: How a smart salesperson negotiates
  • Step 4: Know what not to say
  • Step 5: Commit to a meeting time and place
  • Step 6: Conduct a safe and well-planned test drive
  • Step 7: Get to know your potential buyer
  • Step 8: Omit possible objections
  • Step 9: Find out how the buyer is planning to pay
  • Step 10: Bargain with your buyer, but end with a “win-win”

Three Common Tactics Buyers Use to Reduce the Price (From KBB website)

  1. “The car needs some work”
  2. “I’ve seen cars like this in the paper for ‘X’ dollars”
  3. “I can only afford ‘X’ dollars”

Visit the KBB site at the link above and read about these Steps and how to counter the tactics buyers use to try to reduce the price. If you need more Test Drive appointments scheduled directly from your dealership website, call Test Drive Generator at (877) 696-0415 or email

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