Congratulations to the Technology Leadership Awards Winners!

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This year’s competition was really close. At Dealer Marketing, we decided to engage industry thought leader, Joe Webb to run our competition. As a dealer, you may have noticed that in some magazine awards competitions, the advertisers in the magazine tend to win all the awards. We think that is a dishonest way to select the best competitors. For this reason, we selected Joe Webb, and asked him to select his own board of dealer judges. These dealer judges were unknown to us at the magazine and we promised not to talk to them or influence them in any way regarding their winner selections.

Joe Webb of DealerKnows
Joe Webb, Founder of DealerKnows

The three judges that Joe selected did a great job of setting the criteria and carefully studying each applicant using the same criteria. As a result, we are confident that the selections were made fairly and honestly. After the competition was over, we were told by the judges that many of the competitors were extremely close in score, and that some of winners simply did a much better job of defining their product or service.

We would like to thank both Joe Webb and our dealer-judges for a job well done, and we invite our dealer readers to look closely at the vendors that won their category. You can read up on the competition and the winners on pages 15-21 of this issue for more information. We have asked the judges to share their selection process with all competitors and to answer questions for those competitors that did not win. It’s always good to find out what kept your company from winning.

Techonolgy Leadership Awards Judges
Michael Bowen


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