How Content Marketing Improves Your Website Traffic and Lead Quality

Whether you’re a general manager or an Internet/BDC manager, you’ve already experienced “the shift”: the transformation of the car-buying consumer. It’s no secret that car buyers are spending more and more time within the digital space before walking into a dealership. But even those dealerships that have upped their digital game are experiencing a new sales and marketing dilemma: generating quality website traffic and internet leads.

Fortunately, there’s a solution: content marketing.

When it comes to website traffic and internet leads, one of the most common misconceptions is valuing quantity over quality. As visitors and leads pour in, your website conversion data may look good, but filling your pipeline with countless contacts just quickly looking for a price to take to your competition down the street results in nothing more than hours of wasted sales efforts.

Today’s car buyers know the difference between a hard sell and a helpful, guided purchasing experience. Additionally, they’re making smarter purchasing decisions by conducting hours of research online before even test driving their vehicles of interest.

So why are dealerships only focusing on prospective buyers who are at the end of their purchasing decision with promotional sales and high-risk conversions such as “schedule a test drive” or “request a quote”?

Dealerships have an incredible opportunity to utilize content to get in front of qualified car buyers at the beginning of their research and purchasing process and establish brand loyalty and trust—attributes that play a crucial role in getting the lead into your dealership and closing the sale.

How can you get content marketing to work for your dealership? Start by publishing content on your website in the form or articles, blogs, or videos that offer useful information and solutions to your prospects’ most common questions or car-buying challenges. Examples would be “What are the Key Differences Between a Vehicle’s Trim Levels?” and “5 Tips for Choosing the Most Family-Friendly Vehicle.” The more fresh, quality content on your site, the more you’ll improve your dealership’s search engine visibility.

Content also plays a necessary role in converting unidentified prospects into qualified leads through the use of downloadable, premium offers. Examples would be “What’s the Difference Between Leasing and Buying?” and “What Does Every Customer Need to Know to Find the Perfect SUV?”By making these offers available to leads willing to provide their email addresses, you’ll generate more qualified leads who have voluntarily opted to receive more information from you.

The car-buying process is anything but straightforward, and the dealership with the best sales pitch is no longer coming out on top. Consumers make countless buying process deviations in order to gather the information they need to make the right purchases. So instead of waiting for the right customer to find you when they’re ready to make a purchase, expand your qualified sales opportunities and connect with prospects sooner by providing information they’re already searching for and guiding the prospect toward a buying decision with highly relevant content aligned with their precise interests and needs.

Sarah D’Andrea is the Inbound And Content Marketing Manager for Stream Companies, a full service integrated advertising agency.

Sarah DAndrea


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