CRM Is a Mindset, Not a One Time Event

Customer Relationship Management is all about managing the relationships we have with our customers. Effectively managing a customer lifecycle means higher CSI scores, more repeat customers, and more revenue. The true value of a world class CRM is in its ability to automate unique processes, targeted to specific segments of customers, at the right time, and with the right message. When this happens, customers and prospects receive relevant information that directly applies to them.

The alternative to this approach, are the “spray and pray” campaigns that annoy and anger existing customers, and usually result in the exact opposite of what the dealer is trying to accomplish.  

A CRM should create more consistency for your business by automating processes that are targeted to customers who match revenue-generating opportunities. CRM is about relationships—relationships that are based on trust and value delivered—on or above expectations.

Every dealer needs to evaluate whether or not they want to be a CRM store, because it takes a significant amount of attention and hard work. CRM is not simply a tool, a process, or a marketing campaign. CRM is a philosophy that is implemented and improved upon over time, and that strives to create a customer experience that is consistently positive. So, when anomalies happen that injure a customer’s experience, there is a mechanism in place to remedy the problem.

The CRM philosophy dictates that your people can get better over time with better information, coaching, and management. The CRM store requires people and process to be tightly integrated and constantly updated to stay in alignment with your products and customers. CRM requires a technology partner that keeps everything in concert, across every functional area of your dealership, and extends to the mobile and social world of your customers. It is a mindset, not a onetime event—and that takes work.

Jonathan Ord is the CEO and President of DealerSocket. Visit for more information.

Jonathan Ord


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